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Road Trip: Jackson

Ivan Orsic / Aug 14, 2012

Our goal is to give our customers and readers ideas and options for a long range summer road trip. In addition to giving you some basic information about the fishery, we spoke to experts who are very familiar with these locations. If you are headed in their direction, give these people a call. They know the water, and in most cases we have personally fished with them.

#1 - Snake River, Wyoming - OK, we know that the Snake River up around Jackson Hole Wyoming might be more like an eight hour drive for some, but we here at Trout’s drive real fast when we're motoring out town for great fishing. When we head to this part of the country, we haul ass. Here is why:

“This year, the rivers around Jackson are sitting pretty as far as water goes,” says Bruce Smithhammer, author, fish slayer, shop manager and all around good guy. “The Snake River through the town of Jackson Hole is absolutely going to be prime time this year in August and September. The river fishes well year round but come August and September, the water level gets down and we really start to see big fish coming to the surface and eating dry flies. In August, it will be on.”

Here is what High Country Flies, a shop located in downtown Jackson Hole, has to say about the river and the bug hatches.

‘Just about everyone will start with dry flies and switch to nymphs or streamers only if necessary. Snake River Cutthroats love big dry flies, not only dead drifted, but on the twitch or swing too. Many of the natural insects found on the Snake are very active on the waters surface. Take advantage of this by occasionally twitching or drowning your fly. Sometimes cutthroats which won’t take a dry fly on the surface will slam them if they are just slightly drowned.

Grand Teton National Park provides some of the most spectacular scenery you will ever see from a trout stream. Wildlife is also abundant, again, especially in the park. Watch for bald & golden eagles, osprey, herons, pelicans, hawks, elk, deer, moose, bison, antelope, otters and yes, the occasional bear.’

For more information on the Snake River, visit: or contact them at High Country Flies
50 E. Broadway.
PO Box 3432
Jackson, Wyoming
(view map)

Phone: (307) 733-7210
Toll Free: (866) 733-7210

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