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Running From Runoff - a Spring Fishing Photo Essay

Ivan Orsic / May 22, 2013

Let's face it, runoff sucks. Saddled in between two of my favorite fishing seasons (spring and summer), runoff is a dreaded time of year when my eagerness to fish is often trumped by Mother Nature. So when it came time to plan a weekend fishing outing with some friends, my initial excitement was quickly thwarted by the reality of spiking river flows and excessive weekend moisture. But my time out fishing is limited, so runoff or not I was going to find somewhere to wet a line and enjoy the escape that can only come by standing waist deep in a river.

The reality is that even during runoff, there are plenty of places to go fishing; you just need to know where to look. Tailwaters, lakes, and certain high country steams will all offer you a chance to get in your fishing fix. So while your options may not be limitless, what fisheries you do have at your disposal will certainly be better than staying home and doing chores around the house.

The locations of my fishing excursion will remain anonymous. This is not because I am trying to keep my spots a secret (trust me, they are no secret), but because I want to encourage every angler to step out of their comfort zone, pull out a map and get creative once in a while. So while locations will remain unknown, I will tell you that we caught LOTS of fish, some on nymphs and some on dries. We walked a lot, and covered a substantial amount of river over two days. All in all, these were two of the finest days of fishing I have had in a long time, all during that most dreaded time of year... go figure.

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