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Saltwater Gear Review: Sage ONE 890-4

Ivan Orsic / Apr 9, 2014

What We Say

My favorite trout rod here in Colorado is the Sage ONE 490-4. It is light – it is accurate – and I can use it in a variety conditions. I decided to see if the Sage ONE 890-4 would have the same attributes and chose it as my go-to saltwater fly rod on a recent trip to the Bahamas. I was happy with my decision.

Our first few days at the Andros South Lodge were pretty windy. In most situations, the Sage ONE had enough backbone and was fast enough to punch casts when I needed them in the wind. Once the weather started to improve, the rod really showed off. The Sage ONE 890-4 is fast enough to get the job done in the wind and also delivers laser accurate casts when presentation matters. I matched the ONE with the Sage 4280 Fly Reel making this a super light combination. If you are going to spend an extended amount of time on the flats and you know you are going to have one rod/reel combination in your hand the majority of the time, you are not going to be sorry choosing this one. The last piece of the puzzle was the Rio Bonefish WF 8 line. Match – set – game.

My only observation of the rod is that it might not be the one I would take out on a day with gale force wind. There are definitely rods on the market that are faster then the Sage ONE, but with those rods you are typically sacrificing feel for power and punch. For me, the Sage ONE is a perfect rod for 95% of the conditions I typically encounter on a saltwater trip.

What They Say

"The ONE rod is our flagship offering that may redefine the “all-around” rod category, where precision casting accuracy is needed over a wide range of conditions. Hand crafted from our Konnetic technology three long years in the making, the ONE rod is a game changer. Your game. Its fast action incorporates a built in sweet spot, making the ONE rod the ideal choice for experienced and aspiring casters alike.Konnetic Technology combines proprietary aerospace-grade materials with innovative manufacturing methods and processes. The impossibly lighter rods built utilizing this technology provide ultimate line control and accuracy due to enhanced tip-to-hand sensitivity and feedback, yet still retain Sage's renowned power and durability." - Sage

If you want to learn more about the Sage ONE 890-4 give us a call at 303.733.1434 or stop by the shop where you can give this rod a test cast.

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