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A Fly Rod Worth Investing In // The Scott Centric

Ivan Orsic / Apr 6, 2022

Designed and hand-built in Montrose, CO., Scott Fly Rods has earned the reputation of creating the best fly rods available. Their crown jewel? The Centric–a high-performing fast action fly rod perfect for any scenario an angler may find in Colorado and beyond. While this fly rod has been on the market for two years now, it quickly became a shop favorite at Trouts Fly Fishing and has built a well-established cult following.

Nevertheless, what makes the Scott Centric so unique?

This could all be summarized by the following sentence. If you can get your hands on a Scott Centric, do it. Quickly. You will thank yourself ten years down the line when you are still hitting dimes off dandelions.

The Scott Centric 9'0 4WT
What Makes The Centric Unique

The Scott Centric doesn’t stray away from the current zeitgeist of fly rod design which is quick loading, caster friendly, less flex, and more line speed. The Centric is designed with an innovative carbon resin with what Scott calls, “Carbon Linking.” The result? An exponentially lighter, more efficient rod that reduces casting fatigue while improving accuracy and versatility performance on the water. So, whether it is long bank shots with a dry fly, or short roll casts on the best nymph run, The Scott Centric bridges the gap between lightweight feel and fast recovery unlike any other fly rod on the market.

Zeke prepping dry flies

A defining feature of the Scott Centric is the inclusion of their “Arc 2” technology, an iconic characteristic of a Scott fly rod for over 15 years. By including their Advanced Reinforced Carbon (ARC) Scott added directional stability and hoop strength while minimizing additional weight in the fly rod. The new generation ARC, which can be found in the Centric, is over 35% lighter and sets the standard for ultra-light multi-ply blank construction. The result is even more torsional stability with a lighter-weight fly rod. In short, the combination of Carbon Linking and ARC 2 technology helps the angler's fly rod track better for greater loop control and pinpoint accuracy–even on a windy day.

Pinpoint accuracy

A Satisfied Scott Centric Customer

"This rod is an absolute powerhouse! The 9ft 5wt is a true do it all, daily driver that can handle just about every situation thrown at it. Streamers, heavy nymph rigs, dry flies, all cast effortlessly with pinpoint accuracy. Its durable mends like a dream, and best of all is made local in CO! To top it off it is one badass-looking rod from the classic Scott grey blank, to the touches of red this is the best rod I've owned in 20+ years on the water not to mention it comes with a Scott lifetime warranty so it is truly meant to last forever. Can't recommend this product enough."
- Tyler - A Trouts Customer

Although the Centric features many technological upgrades, it still exudes the classic Scott look and feel. One of the hallmarks? The Iconic Scott finish. Take a look at a rod rack at the local fly shop—hopefully, it is Trouts—and quickly, you'll notice something different about Scott rods. It is more than just shelf appeal when it comes to the finish on a Scott fly rod. The Scott Natural Finish is about making the rod lighter, more durable, and better performing. What does this mean? It means Scott’s natural finish blanks aren't subjected to the rip of the sanding belt, nor are they covered with heavy paint to add unnecessary pop. Scott believes in the natural finish of graphite and has for a long time, and that is why Scott's advanced resin systems permeate the blank, leaving a durable finish. This provides customers with a fly rod that will stand up to years of abuse, bumps, and bruises that happen to a fly rod over the years.

Details of The Scott Centric
The Beauty In The Centric

Besting the success of Scott’s previous flagship model; The Radian, was no easy task. As I mentioned earlier, Scott has developed a cult following over the years, many of them coming after the Radian hit the shelves. Touted by many as the “Greatest Fly Rod Ever Made,” the Radian excelled in every avenue a fly rod could, highly versatile in any angling situation, with pinpoint accuracy and highly dependable construction. In the eyes of many, the Centric had a lot to live up to, and quite frankly it did–potentially even surpassed it.

At first glance, it is evident that Scott took the time to create a classy fly rod. Pulling from their rich history of highly appointed, handcrafted fly rods, Scott mixed in a bit of space-age flash and was left with the Centric, a rod that is every bit as classy and classic as one would hope for. There is something special about holding a Scott Centric in your hand. You feel the heritage and dedication to a craft that has been years in the making actualized into, dare I say, a piece of art.

Scott fly rods are hand assembled and designed in Colorado, each one donning a handwritten script of the name and rod type. Each Scott fly rod passes through a human's hands rather than a machine, inspecting every guide is wrapped properly, and all edges are nonexistent. An angler has a level of pride when they own a Scott Centric, a pride that every angler should feel at least once in their life.

" After initially fishing and reviewing the Scott Centric 9ft 4wt and realizing its great potential at virtually every technique from dry fly fishing to nymphing, dry-dropper fishing, and streamer fishing, I purchased a 9ft 5wt. This rod excels in all the above and brings the “feel too fast” as discussed in the initial review. I have been highly impressed with how well this rod does it all and feels good casting in every technique. I can’t recommend this rod more as a do-everything rod with an excellent feel for light presentations to heavy streamer casts and strip sets. "
Final Thoughts

I like to imagine fly rods are a lot like dogs, some purebred others mutts. And while I think there is an excellent value in owning a mutt (I’ve been known to own a few), I think every angler–and dog lover–should own a purebred at least once in their lifetime. For anglers, The Scott Centric is that purebred.

The Scott Centric
is a world-class fly rod. A fly rod designed for the high specification of advanced anglers and the needs of the beginner. No matter where you take your Scott Centric, or better put, no matter where the Centric takes you, the Scott Centric will give any angler the confidence to tackle any obstacle in any location.

A Quick Side Note: While the Scott Centric totes a high price tag, remember, so do purebreds, and like a purebred, your Scott Centric will accompany you anywhere you go. When you invest in a high-quality fly rod like the Centric, you are investing in high-quality customer service and a dedicated repair service–something that cannot be said about other current fly rod manufacturers with similarly priced, lesser quality fly rods.

If the Centric is still a thought, at the bare minimum, place it on your “must cast” list for the year. The Centric is a remarkable piece of equipment and is one that is tried and true by our staff and many anglers around the world. Sometimes, you don’t need to “brand new” fly rod. Sometimes you need a fly rod with a proven track record. Sometimes you need a Centric.


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