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Shots from September Photo Essay

Ivan Orsic / Oct 3, 2017

This month's photo essay from Frisco does not try to tell a specific story of a Trouts adventure (such as the majority of all other photo essays in the past). A simple Photo Essay - I spent a good part of September taking photos of days on the water with friends, and also random moments of fall that were worth sharing. Enjoy!

Its the Sharpie'd up Yellow Hippie Stomper nicknamed "The Great Ramses" from the movie Nacho Libre.

Prime example of that Hippie Stomper at work. "Ramses does not dance at the party", but today he made several exceptions.

A sweet spot to hit for a couple of hours with one friend for the single rod challenge. . bring out your lighter sticks and prepare to have a great time!

Fall Colors in Colorado, not much else I feel I need to say for this photo. Trouts Frisco Guide Landon Caldwell, and a few of his customers for the day.

18's, 20's, 22's

As expected, look for these guys to come out on those overcast days.

Get ready and get out there!

"PAY THE MAN"! Trouts Frisco Guide Josh Diller dialing in a small PMD hatch.

A mid September float day further west on the Colorado. Bring the river beverages and a variety of Chubbys, Quills, Princes, and big Midges.

Kinda like the Space Mountain ride, but this ones called Rodeo Rapid.

More signs of Fall, that Fryingpan is awfully pretty during this time of the year! It might be worth a trip west..

Stay Classy Trouts Community!

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