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Simms Bounty Hunter Vault Review

Ivan Orsic / Oct 13, 2017

The Simms Bounty Hunter Vault has been a cornerstone piece of gear for me the entire year. Look y'all, I'm not the most organized of anglers. But, thanks to the Vault, I haven't fished Deckers with a 7 weight this year because I forgot my 5 weight at home. Durable, well-designed, and with ample room to store rods, reels, odds, and ends, the Bounty Hunter Vault is definitely worth a look.

The Simms Bounty Hunter Vault is a must have for the traveling angler and a go-to for us when we are fishing throughout Colorado. The 48-L bag can hold up to 8 4-piece ten foot rods and 8 to 10 reels of any size. A perfect companion to keep you organized before you hit the water.

Check out our Video Review of the Simms Bounty Hunter Vault!

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