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Southwest Colorado: Conejos River Photo Essay

Ivan Orsic / Apr 21, 2017

Editor's note: Some of the boys from Trouts Denver and Trouts Frisco took their weekend off to head down to one of Southwest Colorado's hidden gems. From the looks of Chris' photos and some of the stories they shared around the "office," a good time was had by all. A little dirty water certainly didn't slow them down and they were able to find some of the Conejos' finest. Enjoy our Frisco Store Manager Chris Fildes' photo essay from their 2 days in Southwest Colorado.

There she is, the Conejos!

The Trouts HQ for the weekend. Teepee Chillin'

Morning staging area at the Teepee. Gus and Tanner getting ready for a great day on the water in SW Colorado.

10 Minute power naps in your waders after lunch are a MUST. Tanner never passes up a time to nap when he's in need.

Send em' back!

Driving to certain spots of the river we were greeted by some guests of the ranch we were staying at. BAAHHHAHAHAA.

Not Friday yet, but the flop was recorded on this bow


Mike with some success in his hand!

Gus seems to enjoy giving these fish kisses goodbye before Mike releases that beautiful brown

Big Blackie on the rig today!

Tanner prefers to fish dirty water with the big stuff, who can blame him?

Mike's new Rising Big Nippa!

Mike swinging a few through a nice run on the Conejos.

Big meals.

Beautiful colors.

Classic Western Trout Stuff.

Angler sightings from the bridge.

Sunsets were on point down here and we definitely fished til dark. We will be back to fish this amazing river!

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