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Spotlight: Carp on the Fly

Ivan Orsic / May 13, 2013

Photo: Carp on the Fly

If you have been in the fly fishing carp game – or idly standing on the banks or sidelines watching from afar – the name John Montana should ring a bell. John writes the blog Carp on the Fly and has shared his trials, tribulations, touchdowns and defeats fishing for carp on the fly since at least 2006. Here is a sound bite just to put you in the zone:

I used to be a respectable I fly fish for carp.”

- John Montana

If you are currently a carp connoisseur, nut, wannabe, junkie, aficionado, or convert, Carp on the Fly is a must follow. Save this one to your bookmark bar so you can keep track of John Montana putting the hammer down on big fish this spring and summer – and you will probably learn a thing or two about fly fishing for carp along the way.

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