Trouts Journal

Spring Carp School Recap

Ivan Orsic / May 15, 2017

From the Desk of Trouts GM Rick Mikesell

Trouts would like to thank all of the participants of our Sold Out Spring Carp School! After a morning of demystifying this difficult to fool, but very worth game fish in the classroom, this excellent group of anglers were able to test their newfound skills on as many active Carp as anyone could hope for! With the carp spawn in full swing, every fish in the lake was up on the banks and within a short casting shot of our students. While the fish had a bit more on their mind then eating…the crew made some excellent presentations, and convinced more than a few fish to eat! An excellent day on the water, and hopefully just the beginning of a new class of Carp Junkies!

Enjoy some pictures from their day on the water!

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