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Spring Options - Talk To Big Small-E

Ivan Orsic / May 24, 2013

Are you trying to figure out fly fishing options for this weekend as we approach spring run off in Colorado? Here are a few ideas and resources to think about:

1) Think tailwaters – right now the dam fed rivers are going to be the best bet for clear water and consistent flows. The increasing temperatures that are predicted for this weekend are going to make freestone rivers more dynamic and unpredictable. Freestone rivers, which are not dam controlled, will have a higher likelihood to blow out and turn off color if they have not already. Also expect that most tailwaters are going to be a bit more crowded this time of the year.

2) Check out our Colorado Steam Flows page before you head to your favorite river. If you see recent spikes in water levels or rivers that have been consistently on the rise over the past week, this might be a tip off that river conditions could be sub par.

3) Think about chasing an alternative species. There are a lot of great stillwater options around Colorado. Small and largemouth bass fishing on the fly is a ton of fun. We have all the leaders and flies to get you going in the right direction.

4) Take a road trip! Also, check out of State Wide River Conditions page as well as our Travel page. These two resources will give you additional options as well as subject matter experts to talk to if you want to take a short or long-range trip.

5) Give the shop a call as we have guides and clients on the water all the time and we’re constantly getting updated reports. Better yet, book a half or full day on a private or public stretch of water and our guides will make sure you have an exceptional experience fly fishing in Colorado. Give us a call at 303.733.1434 or stop by - we'll be here all weekend!

This fish ate a bass fly within the city limits - elevation 5280 ft.

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