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GEAR GUIDE || Ten Picks for Fall Blue-Winged Olives

Ivan Orsic / Sep 8, 2020

With "just a couple of clouds" and "slightly cooler" temperatures moving through Colorado this morning, it's hard not to think about what lies ahead. FALL. When the summer heat starts to subside and afternoons are occupied casting at pods of fish rising to blue-winged olives, it's best to be prepared.

With that in mind, we've put together a collection of gear that will help you get ready to toss dry flies to those blue-winged olive munchers.

Winston Pure Fly Rod

The Pure is tailor-made for throwing small dry flies. Moderate action with quick recovery that allows for open loops for fine dry fly presentation along with the ability to generate faster line speed as required for different conditions. Designed and made in Twin Bridges, Montana, it's hard to beat the Pure for fall BWOs.

Custom Abel TR Fly Reel - Satin Black Green Fade 5/6

Light tippets are required to fool wary trout. There's nothing more satisfying than palming your reel as a fish screams downstream.

Crafted by Abel's expert machinists in Montrose, Colorado, the TR is a lightweight masterpiece. An integrated precision-balanced clicker on the spool eliminates the need for a counterweight, yielding a clean look and retaining an iconic click-pawl sound. The pronounced palming rim is deliberately shaped to manually control drag pressure in all fishing conditions.

This Black-Olive Fade would look awful nice on that Winston Pure.

Staff Picked Flies

Need help picking the right BWO dries and nymphs for the fall for your favorite fishery? We're here to help. Whether you're looking for a quick selection of six flies for a specific fishery or you're in need of a more thorough and detailed collection of 36 flies, we will tailor a custom collection for you and your next day on your favorite fishery.

Elite RIO Technical Trout Fly Line

Sometimes long, delicate, precise presentations are required when fishing blue-winged olives in the fall.

Specifically designed for delicate presentations of small flies to technical feeders at the range with low-stretch, ultra-slick performance. RIO’s Elite Technical Trout line features a long, fine front taper for the lightest of presentations and delicacy and is the ideal choice of line when fishing dry flies, nymphs, soft hackles and emergers to tricky eaters at distance.

The line has a long head and back taper to increase loop control when carrying long lengths, and for making precise casts to rising fish, while the weight distribution makes it easy to turn over long leaders for technical feeders at range.

LOON Fly Dip

We have tried a lot of dip floatants and love what they do to flies. What we don't love is how they smell, how flammable they are, and how inconsistent they are with our priority to make products that are safe for fish and fisheries. Fly Dip is proof that anglers shouldn't have to choose between a green product and a great product. It is compatible with all flies (including CDC), dries quickly, and can take even soggy flies and bring them back to life. It isn't overstating things to say that this floatant is a "game-changer".

Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout Stealth Tippet

With fall comes low water and if you're throwing size 20s to picky trout, you need every advantage you can get. The Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout Stealth has a light olive tint that reduces line flash for ultra wary fish. With all of the performance benefits of the Absolute Trout tippet including the industry-leading wet knot strength with a little added extra something for those picky fall trout.

Umpqua UPG HD Magnum Midge Fly Box

This micro beast of burden has you covered with a single swing leaf and two-variable inserts of molded and magnetic storage options.

Fishpond Drifter Hat

Take your shade with you. Fishpond hats look as good on the water as they do at the evening watering hole. Sun protection meets style.

SIMMS Freestone Hip Pack

Now available in Shadow Green....sometimes known as olive, the Freestone Hip Pack is your ticket to being fully prepared on the water. This 12L durable, water-resistant hip-pack features multiple pockets and has fly box storage sleeves with a wide-mouth, peel-back zipper for easy access to everything you need. Compression straps carry a jacket, a pass-through sleeve holds a net, and a stretch mesh pocket keeps your water bottle or thermos within easy reach.

Simms ExStream Bicomp Fishing Hoody

Now available in Admiral Blue, the Simms Exstream Bicomp Fishing Hoody is the perfect under-waders, stand-alone, or layering jacket for the colder days on the water. The water-shedding insulated Bicomp Hoody with warmth capturing stitchless-quilt construction in the upper and a stretch-fleece lower for effortless layering under Simms' waders and bibs.

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