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2022 Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot Wader Review

Ivan Orsic / Jan 1, 2022

The Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot Waders (Simms flagship product) have been reimagined and revamped for 2022. For the past 20 years, Simms has set the standard for fly fishing waders. Whether making their first cast or putting in their 300th day on the water, SIMMS G3s have been there, chugging along, just doing their job. Arguably the most dependable waders on the market, the Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot Waders have remained an icon in the fly fishing industry.

Simms' goal? To build the best wader on the market, which is why over the past 20 years, they have constantly improved their G3 line.

What Has Changed?

The Fabric

The fabric construction in the new G3 waders has been revamped with a brand new 3-layer GORE-TEX Pro Shell lower and 4-layer upper that drastically increases the wader's breathability, comfort, and provides a much better overall fit for both the male and female angler. This fabric is considered a massive breakthrough in GORE technology and provides the waders with:

  • 16,000 of testing
  • 84% Increase in pinhole resistance
  • 23% increase in standard puncture resistance
  • 33% increase in breathability
  • 12%increase in tear resistance

The most simple improvement in the waders is the addition of the Air Mesh Suspender System...I typically wear a hip pack so I always have that shoulder strap on one side, with the addition of these staps the overall bulk of the material is reduced and creates a more comfortable fit.

The Air Mesh Suspender System

The Air Mesh suspender system which was originally offered only in the higher end G4 models now comes standard in the 2022 line of the G3 waders. The addition of the Air Mesh Suspender System comes with a fabric suspender divider that allows for a more comfortable experience for the angler when wearing for long periods of time and reduces angler shoulder fatigue due to the wide padding.

Belt Loops:

Now anglers can expect more customization with the removal of the front two belt loops and the addition of a two (2) tiered belt loop system. The built-in low-profile belt loops come with two options high and low; each set of waders still comes with a 1.5in stretch nylon belt.

Gravel Guards

Another major upgrade is found in the gravel guards is the removal of the boot clip. Historically in the previous G3 model's anglers would find that the clip would either snag line while stripping from the banks or get caught in low laying brush and weeds. This clip was notorious for also breaking off after normal wear and tear so we were pretty excited to see it get the can. Even with the removal of the gravel guards the improved gravel guards offer a more ergonomic fit around the foot and provide a more secured fit all day long.

Interior Side Pocket

If you were wondering if they made space for your phone, they did. Tucked behind those 3 layers of Gore-Tex Pro Shell is a small pouch designed to hold the essentials like your phone, keys, or a Cliff bar you will forget about when the day is done.

" They are Simms G3s. There is a reason you buy them. "
Things That Stayed The Same

In terms of the overall construction, anglers can expect the same patented front and back leg seams that deliver a much loved articulated fit along with improved mobility and increased durability from the innovative GORE shell. Simms's famous tippet-tender pocket was another item that made its appearance, which is perfect for storing leader packages, spent tippet, or the occasional thingamabob. A top access chest pocket includes a reach-through micro-fleece lined hand-warming chest pocket. This is an adjustable and removable pocket perfectly sized for storing stray pieces of tippet, spent leaders, or the occasional thingamabobber.

The new SIMMS G3 Guide Stockingfoot waders will be available soon. Use our "Notify When In Stock" option to receive an email when the G3s arrive in stock!


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