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The CURRENT Podcast | Episode 13 - Fly Fishing Tips & Tricks for Spring Runoff with Reid Baker | hosted by Will Rice

Ivan Orsic / May 28, 2021

The CURRENT is a low-key, light-hearted fly fishing podcast hosted by Will Rice. Will is back again, thumbing through his Rolodex of accomplished anglers and friends in the fly fishing industry to talk about what's going on in their neck of the woods.

In this episode, Will Rice is joined by featured Current author and former fly fishing guide - Reid Baker to talk about how to navigate spring runoff and capitalize on your opportunities to catch fish before, during, and after spring runoff. Reid debunks the myth of fly fishing during runoffs. Reid touches on the fabled salmon fly hatch, reading the hydrograph, finding fish, reading water, rigs, fly choice, and much more.

Will and Reid reference several of Reid's most recent pieces for the Current Journal regarding fishing runoff and fly fishing ethics. Check out those blogs below:

(1) Shades of Chocolate Milk Part I: Pre-Runoff & The Climb

(2) Shades of Chocolate Milk Part II: Peak Runoff

(3) Cold Hard Truths Part III: Post Pandemic Etiquette & Ethics Redux

You can find the podcast on Apple Music, Spotify & Stitcher. If you enjoy what Will is putting together with The CURRENT podcast, we ask that you please rate it and leave it a review on Apple Podcasts & Spotify! Thanks for listening!

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