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The CURRENT Podcast | Season 3 Episode 1 - Angling Around the World with Brian O'Keefe

Ivan Orsic / Apr 18, 2023

The CURRENT is a low-key, light-hearted fly fishing podcast brought to you by Trouts Fly Fishing. We're excited to kick off the 2023 season of The CURRENT Podcast, which is now hosted by Rick Mikesell & Ivan Orsic. In this season, Rick and Ivan are welcoming a host of new and old friends to talk about all things fly fishing. From tips & tricks to deep dives on a wide variety of fisheries, we're excited to take a deeper dive into the world of fly fishing, both on the Front Range of Colorado and beyond.

In this episode, host Rick Mikesell and co-host Ivan Orsic are joined by everyone's favorite traveling angler - the one and only Brian O'Keefe. Brian describes himself as the "most lucky man in the world" as he's spent the better part of the last 50 years traveling the world in search of fish, adventure, and the perfect fly fishing photo.

Brian, Rick, and Ivan start with Brian's origin story as a youth with a fly rod and Instamatic camera in hand. After a brief review of his inception as a fly fishing bum with camera, the gang moves on to some all-time stories about Brian's time spent adventuring the world in search of any species that swims. On his website, Brian notes a short list of destinations - Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, Mexico - Yucatan and Baja, Cuba, Bahamas, Belize, Chile, Argentina, Christmas Island, Bikini Atoll, Tonga, New Zealand, Sierra Leone, and St. Brandon's Atoll - emphasis on the short.

Brian has fished more water than you can shake a stick at and has the stories to prove it. We wrapped up the conversation by discussing his pivotal role in Catch Magazine and finally, Brian shared some of his favorite fly fishing photography tips and tricks. Sit back, grab your beverage of choice, and enjoy an hour and change with the legend himself - Brian O'Keefe.

You can find the podcast on Apple Music, Spotify & Stitcher. If you enjoy what we're putting together with The CURRENT podcast, we ask that you please rate it and leave it a review on Apple Podcasts & Spotify! Thanks for listening!

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