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THE SEQUESTER SERIES - REPLAY | Ivan Orsic - "Taking Better Fly Fishing Photos" (from YouTube Live)

Ivan Orsic / Apr 1, 2020

Yesterday, our own Ivan Orsic joined The Sequester Series livestream party on our YouTube Channel and talked about "Taking Better Fly Fishing Photos" In case you missed the Live Stream on our YouTube Channel, check out the Live Replay below. Ivan talked about Composition, Equipment, Approach, Camera Settings, Hero Shots, Fish Portraits, Action Shots & much more.

If you want a copy of Ivan's presentation deck, CLICK HERE. Want to talk more about photography, post-processing, fishing, and the like? Shoot Ivan an email, he's happy to nerd out. For more of Ivan's work, check out his Instagram (@yukongoesfishing) and Trouts Instragram (@troutsflyfishing). For more information on the exposure triangle, CLICK HERE.

The next installment of The Sequester Series is coming up on Thursday, April 2nd with our own Courtney Despos at 1 PM MST. Courtney will be talking about Fly Fishing Streamers. Stay tuned to our blog for more information on more upcoming Live Streams.

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