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The Tape Deck // A Weekly Playlist (Volume 13)

Brandon Rodriguez / Oct 2, 2021

We talked about streamers ALOT this week, and personally, I do not think that is a bad thing. I won't beat the dead horse here and talk about how it's the best time of year or what patterns to use because I think I may have talked about it enough this week. However, IF you are interested in learning about what we talked about this week in terms of streamers, you are in luck. This week I am trying something a bit new, instead of going day by day talking about what we did I am going to list out my favorite products I mentioned this week and I will also hyperlink the products to the stories I discussed them in. All of the items mentioned this week are my personal must-haves for the season but, do not feel intimidated if you do not have all of them. Even one of these items will help you enjoy streamer fishing a little bit more. So let's revisit some of my favorite products this week.


On Monday we covered the best intro fly tying tools. Of all the tools we talked about the most important one in my opinion is a bobbin. It is the first thing you need when tying and paying for a high-quality bobbin up front is well worth the money. Here is my personal favorite.

Loon Ergo Bobbin

An ergonomic and high-performing update to the indispensable tying tool. The powder-coated ergonomic handle rests perfectly between the thumb and fingers, while the spring steel spool holder allows for easy adjustment in tension by changing the pressure applied by the grip. The tube is designed with versatility in mind: the high gauge works well when tying small flies, and the tube is long enough to tackle large patterns as well.


As per usual we lead off Tuesday with our weekly guide reports. This week's Guide Report is brought to you by our very own Sean Cowman. Click HERE to read about Sean Cowman and his recent half-day walk/wade trip on the Blue River at Silverthorne! According to Sean, the fishing is getting a little technical out there so it might be time to size down your flies! The top fly for me that he picked was the Umpqua Flashtail Mini Egg.

Umpqua Flashtail Mini Egg

This is a very realistic egg pattern with a strand of crystal flash to really grab the fish's attention. It is that time of year when big browns key in on the silly stuff. Make sure to have this with you this weekend!


On Wednesday I discussed that if you are around a fly shop during the fall months you may have heard the terms "Throwing Meat", "Working The Deli Counter" or "Big nasties". All these various fly fishing colloquialisms are references to fly fishing for trout with streamer patterns. It is that time of the season again where anglers flock to their favorite rivers and throw the biggest, gnarliest streamer they can get away with. Since it is that time of year, I went over my five favorite streamer patterns to have this fall.

Umpqua Double Fuego

FISH THE DOUBLE FUEGO. In the words of fly designer Brandon Mena "For as long as I have been tying streamers, I have had the most success (with trout) with smaller streamers. The Double Fuego is my favorite articulated streamer to fish and is much smaller when compared to other articulated streamers in most fly shop bins." The Double Fuego was created at my bench when I was thinking about how good of a fly Cheech’s Articulated Trout Slider is and I wanted something smaller than that fly but still utilized Metallic Ice Dub which I feel is really what makes the Articulated Trout Slider have such killer action. My most favorite color is white this time of year, especially if it is a bright day this fly with flash and sparkle like a diamond in the water."


Thursday I introduced a new series laying out 3 rivers to fish this weekend. If you are still sitting at your home office or cubical wondering where to go fish this weekend, don't worry we have you covered. Moving forward we are taking out the guesswork when it comes to where to go fishing. But, we won't just be going over where to fish but more importantly, how to fish and what to throw. For this one I'll give you my favorite place to go and the best product for this river.

Staff Picked Trout Flies - Cheesman Canyon

A front-range staple, Cheesman Canyon is hard to beat this year. Flows are still looking good through the canyon this weekend and the afternoon temperatures are looking like great feeding windows for hungry fish. As always, when it comes to Cheesman, the best plan of action is the first one there, the last one out. When it comes to fly selection nymph fishing has been productive with small baetis nymphs (#20-22). Manage your depth and weight accordingly and all per usual, you will want to size down your tippets to 6X. We're still getting some action on some smaller dries- midges & baetis are working well. Also, keep an eye out for those BWO's during those afternoon pockets of sunshine.


We have been talking a lot about streamers over the past couple of weeks and how can you not? It is fall and there is no better time for anglers to fish streamers. Fish are keying in on bigger meals as the cooler weather creeps in. Since we have covered the best flies for fall and also have covered how to fish streamers I thought It would be a good idea to round it all off this week with 7 must-have items for streamers. Here is my top pick.

G. Loomis IMX-PRO Fly Rod

When it comes to fishing with streamers it is best practice to have a dedicated rod and reel outfit. And, that dedicated rod and reel outfit will need to withstand heavier flies and heavier line weights day in and day out. The best rod for the job? The IMX - PRO 9' 6wt. When it comes to streamer rods, there are many to choose from however, the IMX-PRO tops my list for many reasons the first being affordability. This rod comes in at below $600 and is made right here in the USA. You will be hard-pressed to find another rod of this caliber and at this price point. This rod is perfect for those looking to dip their toe into the world of streamer angling or those looking to just have an extra streamer rod in their drift boat. However, befits of this rod go far past the low price tag. The IMX - PRO 9' 6wt is a rod with a stiff midsection and a stiff tip section but still has that snappy feel of a lighter weighted rod. In short, this rod is perfect for throwing streamers and not just small ones big, double articulated streamers, and in the heavier rod weights bigger flies for pike and muskie.

Well folks, that about does it for me this week here at Trouts. As I mentioned before, if you are enjoying these sorts of weekly recaps let me know over email. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or lingering ideas about what flies to bring on your next trip to the water, we have your covered. Come swing by the shop, have a beer on the back deck and enjoy our space. If you enjoyed today's post or have some comments feel free to send them over to my Instagram or email or brandonrod15 on Instagram.

Enjoy the weekend.

As always, get out. Gas up the truck, load up the fly boxes and enjoy the weekend. Oh, and make sure to take The Tape Deck with you.

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