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The Tape Deck // A Weekly Playlist (Volume 21)

Brandon Rodriguez / Nov 27, 2021

With the Thanksgiving holiday now in the rearview, only a handful of holidays remain on the horizon. I hope every one of you reading the blog is enjoying time with your families. I hope that you get out and chase some fish no matter where you are this holiday season. I, for one, have not. In my frantic rush to make my flight, in fear that I would be trapped in a black hole otherwise known as DIA security, I forgot my fly rod and fly box on the passenger seat of my vehicle in the DIA parking lot. What makes things worse is that that there was actually ZERO security line at Denver International!

Deflated over the recent events, I made my way through security and onto the tram. At that time, all I could think about was how stoked I was to be staying on a coastal beach town filled with various species and not have my fly rod with me.

Upon arriving at the terminal, I found the nearest place to order a shot and a beer. I thought about other activities to fill my time while on holiday; surfing sounded the most excellent, but the weather outlook made this a less than optimal scenario. The next best thing I could think of is reading some books and enjoying nature for what it is. The redwood forest and coastal Oregon were made for that sort of thing.

I say this all to express one thing. Always be prepared and always have a backup plan. Typically in these weekly recaps, I recount my favorite products talked about over the week. But, given the recent happenings of my travels, I thought it would be best to revisit an entire article I wrote a couple of months back titled Gear For The Traveling Angler. I suppose that if I had taken some of my advice, I would be posting a few "grip and grins" with a steelhead or two, but, instead, it's a couple of fantastic beach views and cozy reading nooks, however, for me these were a fantastic second choice.

I hope you enjoy this dive into the archives where I cover gear for the traveling angler, and, if anything, you will find a gift or two to add to your holiday list. Remember, thanksgiving may be in the rearview, but we aren't out of these holiday woods just yet.

Enjoy y'all.

The Weekender

For those late-night flights on Friday after work and those late Sunday departures, you truly do not need much.

1.) Simms Flyweight Access Fishing Pack

Although I placed this bag in the weekender category, the size and storage capacity of this bag can truly get you by over the course of three or four days. This bag boasts an incredible amount of storage and has been my go-to bag for the past couple of months. It stores nicely underneath the airline seats and fits snuggly in the overhead bins if the option presents itself. The design of the bag also allows for the expansion or compression of the bag to fit various gear loads. For a long time, I have been a fan of roll-top style bags and I have to say, Simms, nailed it with this bag. I also really appreciate how unconstructed this bag is. I have found that for the few times I am looking for a constructed fit and feel, sliding my laptop along the backside of the bag is a perfect option. This bag also has two straps on either side of the bag which allows for the secure loading of rod tubes or larger water bottles. This bag also comes with its own stuff sack and weighs in at less than 1lbs. If you are looking for a bag that can handle your quick grab-and-go adventures or weekend getaways and comes in below $100 look no further than the Flyweight Access Fishing Pack, you won’t regret it.

2.) Fishpond Boulder Briefcase

Honestly, there is something classy about being the guy or gal at the airport with a briefcase. You are letting everyone know in the United Club and in the TSA line that you mean business. On the flip side, however, briefcases do not have to only hold office supplies. Surprisingly enough they are also a fantastic option for your weekend getaways or 48-hour missions. If you are looking for a bag that you can take to the office and to the airport when the day is done, the Fishpond Boulder Briefcase has you covered. There is something about the waxed canvas style of this bag that just screams, adventure and not to mention highly water-resistant. When you hold it in your hands you can feel the stories the bag will tell and you know it will only get better with age. This bag boasts 10 efficient interior/exterior pockets that will hold just about anything you need for a 48-hour mission or a day at the office. The bag also includes a very well-padded laptop compartment (fits 15” screen) that will give you peace of mind when your plane starts to experience some turbulence on a cloudy day. Oh, and if briefcases aren’t your style, The Fishpond Boulder Briefcase comes equipped with fully padded and adjustable straps that allow the bag to convert into a fully functional backpack. If being functional and stylish are high on your priority list look no further than the Fishpond Boulder Briefcase, this bag can handle your weekend trips, days at the office, and turns heads while doing it. Swing by the shop and check it out for yourself.

The Long Weekend

For those times when two days is not enough and a week is a bit too much, these are the bags for you.

1.) Fishpond Firehole BackpackWhen it comes to those long or extended weekend excursions to somewhere new, sometimes a bag or a briefcase won’t do. Sometimes you need a little more space and storage to store the important things. When it comes to doing all of these things well, the brand new Fishpond Firehole Backpack fits the bill. This bag offers plenty of storage, 26L to be exact which is more than enough to fit, your laptop, multiple changes of clothes, fly boxes, terminal tack, and a rod tube. The dimensions of this bag also seem to comply with TSA guidelines for a carry-on bag. TSA guidelines are 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches, and this bag comes in at 22inches x 12inches x 9.5inches. On top of the 420D nylon recycled Cyclepond fabric, the bag is also compatible with Thunderhead Chest Pack, Canyon Creek Chest Pack, Cross-Current Chest Pack, and Sagebrush Pro Mesh Vest. When it comes to functionality, this pack is loaded with design features that will have you organized and ready to go at a moment’s notice. At the end of the day, this bag is a fantastic option for when you hop off the plane and head straight to the trailhead parking lot for a few nights along your favorite stream. With the Fishpond Firehole Backpack, you’ll always be prepared when the river calls your name.

2.) Fishpond Teton Rolling Carry-On

Look, I know I have talked a lot about bags, and backpacks in today’s post, but for me, I love the versatility they offer. I like having an item that can do multiple things well. However, I understand that there are times when you simply need an item to do one thing very well, that my friends is where the Fishpond Teton Rolling Carry-On comes into play. No one wants to be the person at the front of the boarding line taking out items from their backpack because their backpack is too large to fit the parameters of a “personal item”. Save yourself this embarrassment, hassle, or worse a missed flight and get yourself The Fishpond Teton Rolling Carry-On. This bag boasts a large 45L capacity and a rod tube attachment on both sides of the bag (one set of gear straps included). Much like the briefcase mentioned above, a properly outfitted carry-on bag will have people wondering where you are going and the stories you have to share. The next time you get out of the office for an extended weekend vacation to the jungles of Bolivia or the streets of an unfamiliar city in search of a great brunch spot before an evening hatch make sure the Fishpond Teton Rolling Carry-on is by your side or in the hotel room. The next time you board your flight, let people wonder where your travels have taken you and where you are going as you load your bag into the overhead compartment and settle into the flight.

The Long Haulers

For those trips that flushed your bank account, required checked bags, and long layovers in places where you don’t know the language. When these situations arise the last thing you want is to not be prepared for what is ahead.

1.) Simms GTS Gear duffle - 80 L

There are times when a backpack simply does not have enough space and when you are headed out on a trip of a lifetime, you must be prepared for anything that comes your way. When these types of trips come up, there is no better option than the Simms GTS Gear duffle - 80 L. This bag will easily accommodate a week's worth of gear, tools, clothing, and other travel essentials. This rugged duffel is the perfect transport solution for locations where wheeled bags can't keep up and a backpack simply isn’t enough. Designed for the serious traveling enthusiast the Simms GTS Gear Duffle is built to withstand the rigors of international travel and the inevitable torture checked bags go through on long haul flights. This bag also comes with lash points to attach your favorite rod tube and offers padded shoulder straps which allow for the bag to be worn as a backpack if preferred. This bag is truly a workhorse and is a cut above anything in its class. The next time you head out on a trip of a lifetime or a week-long getaway to your favorite river, have the peace of mind you brought everything you need to be successful. The next time you head out, make sure you have the Simms GTS Gear Duffle.

2.) Fishpond Thunderhead Large Submersible Duffle

There are times your travel situation requires a commercial airline flight across the globe, a floatplane to a private airport, and a 40 min boat trip to your own slice of water. When these trips occur, having a bag that fails is not an option. Feel at ease knowing your gear is safe and sound inside the fully submersible Thunderhead Duffle by Fishpond. This bag was designed to be used and abused in the worst of elements. It does not matter if you end up leaving it out in a downpour, a blizzard, or find it tossed overboard, the 1680D recycled nylon main body fabric, TPU welded fabric construction, and TIZIP submersible main cargo zipper work together to keep everything high and dry. On top of it all, this bag offers padded straps which allow you to turn this duffle into a backpack so your adventure can go beyond your hotel room or campsite. When it’s all said and done this bag is not only bombproof but, looks sharp. The Thunderhead Duffle lets everyone know you prefer the path less traveled and the rivers you can’t find on the internet. If you are gearing up for a trip of a lifetime make sure your gear will last a lifetime and make sure you have the Fishpond Thunderhead Large Submersible duffel at the ready.

Simms GTS Gear Duffel - 80L
Simms GTS Gear Duffel - 80L

Well, folks, that about does it for me this week here at Trouts. As I mentioned before, if you enjoy these sorts of weekly recaps, let me know over email. If you have questions, comments, or lingering thoughts about flies, we have you covered.

As always, come swing by the shop, have a beer on the back deck and enjoy our space. If you enjoyed today's post or have some comments, please send them over to my Instagram or email or brandonrod15 on Instagram. As always, get out.

Gas up the truck, load up the fly boxes and enjoy the weekend. Oh, and make sure to take The Tape Deck with you.

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