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The Tape Deck // A Weekly Playlist (Volume 6)

Brandon Rodriguez / Aug 14, 2021

Welcome To The Tape Deck by Trouts Fly Fishing a collection of the TROUTS staff favorite jams. It does not matter if you are tying flies, driving to the trailhead, or drinking a couple of cold ones after a day on the water. Consider The Tape Deck your new weekly soundtrack, for any activity you do. You can expect The Tape Deck to be updated every Saturday morning. Available for free on Spotify. Have a favorite song or band you've been jamming to that makes you consider throwing "One More" cast? Shoot me an email at brandon@troutsflyfishing.comA music playlist, not your thing? No worries, still head over to Spotify to check out the catalog of episodes on The Current Podcast with host, Will Rice. Will Rice welcomes author, editor, and fly fishing legend, Kirk Deeter.

On Sunday we finally released our online booking feature. In the quest to make learning about the fly fishing world easier, we are proud to offer to everyone the ability to BOOK any of our Fly Fishing Education Classes or Schools online! There's no better time to jump headfirst into the world of fly fishing. If you're a more experienced angler, now is not the time to put off expanding your skillset if you're looking to step up your game. We have in-store openings for our Fly Fishing 101, Bugs For Beginners, and Beginner Casting Clinic. Looking to get out on the water? We have openings for a variety of our on-the-water schools including our One-Day Beginner School, Two-Day Beginner School, Dry Fly School, Nymphing School, and Carp School this August.

Monday we visited the topic Fly Fishing Outfits. For many years people have overlooked these types of outfits. Particularly, because the components that once came with these kits were subpar. However, as the sport of fly fishing continues to grow so does the design and quality of the gear. Manufacturers have noticed the large interest in fly fishing over the years and, because of this, have significantly upgraded their introductory and water-specific outfits. When starting out fly-fishing there is one fact that is impossible to get around or take a shortcut on, and that is the simple reality that there is a lot to learn. Because of this, we decided to dip back into the archives and revamped an old but relevant education piece titled, "Know The Flow". In it, we go over the daunting topic of CFS or Cubic Feet Per Second. If you have been interested in why this matters and how it affects you as an angler this is a fantastic read.

Tuesday, we released our weekly Featured Guide Report. This time we discussed Brain Hilbert and his recent half-day walk/wade trip on the beautiful Arkansas River at Kobe. The Ark is one of our favorite public water options and provides beautiful views and hungry fish. Enjoy Hoppers and throwing dry-dropper rigs? There is still plenty of time to. On Tuesday we started a new small series on the blog called "Know Your Gear" in this reoccurring series we will be diving a bit deeper into the materiality of your gear. If you have ever wondered what 200D is or what makes Nylon material different from Polyester this will be your new go-to reading material. For this edition, I decided to touch on Water Proof Vs. Water Resistant. From sling bags, hip-packs, backpacks, rain jackets, and vests it can be tough to choose which one is best for you. And, within each one of these options (excluding vests) customers have two distinct options. Waterproof or Water-Resistant. For this post, we will be focusing on the differences between waterproof and water-resistant options.

Wednesday we posted another edition of the ever-popular Five Files. In the words of Ivan, "August and foam go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. With plenty of terrestrials to be had, casting a big foam bug along a seam line or plopping it tight to a cutbank can result in some memorable fish and even more memorable eats." As always, these flies are flying off the shelves this week so make sure to get yours will supplies last. If you have not yet watched five flies this month click HERE to watch Tanner and Ivan spend the day in South Park chasing foam eats on small streams. Speaking of small streams and dry flies we released 4 Reasons Why You Need A 4 weight. The 4wt is probably the most overlooked option when it comes to a "versatile" rod choice. A quality 4wt has the ability to toss delicate dry flies yet, still tun over heavy Nymph rigs and medium-sized streamers. If you are looking for a reason to buy another rod or at least entertain the idea, this read is for you.

Thursday our very own Zeke Hersh wrote a wonderful set of tips for the floating angler. If anyone knows their way around a boat it is Zeke, further if anyone knows how one should carry themselves at the boat ramp it is him. As Zeke puts it, "The summer of 2021 for the sport of fly fishing has been an exercise in patience, planning, and perseverance. With these and many other factors coming into play, here are a few Do’s and Don’ts of float fishing. These are good ideas to implement and practice in order to have a fun and successful float fishing trip. Also, if you are a die-hard fan of carp fishing and are looking to support the South Platte here is another opportunity. Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 21st at both River North Brewery locations! Here’s the deal: for every pint sold $1 will be donated to DTU’s Carp Slam XV and river improvement efforts for our home water.

On Friday decided to talk about rod action. What does it mean? How does it affect me? Further, we talk about the pro's and con's of each option. If you have been asking yourself some of these questions or just want some useful information the next time someone asks this article is for you!

We had a pretty productive week here at this shop and once again put out a great list of reads, tips, and tricks for you to enjoy. We hope that you get out and enjoy some time on the water this weekend. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or lingering ideas about what flies to bring on your next trip to the water, we have your covered. Come swing by the shop, have a beer on the back deck and enjoy our space. Also, make sure you are staying up to date on current road closures throughout the state. I look forward to receiving emails regarding song choices and conservation news. If there are any Spey Rod enthusiast out there that want to show me a thing or two or think it is worth it to invest in one I would love to hear from you.

As always, get out. Gas up the truck, load up the fly boxes and enjoy the weekend. Oh, and make sure to take The Tape Deck with you.

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