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The Tape Deck // A Weekly Playlist (Volume 7)

Brandon Rodriguez / Aug 21, 2021

Welcome To The Tape Deck by Trouts Fly Fishing a collection of the TROUTS staff favorite jams. It does not matter if you are tying flies, driving to the trailhead, or drinking a couple of cold ones after a day on the water. Consider The Tape Deck your new weekly soundtrack, for any activity you do. You can expect The Tape Deck to be updated every Saturday morning. Available for free on Spotify. Have a favorite song or band you've been jamming to that makes you consider throwing "One More" cast? Shoot me an email at brandon@troutsflyfishing.comA music playlist, not your thing? No worries, still head over to Spotify to check out the catalog of episodes on The Current Podcast with host, Will Rice. Will Rice welcomes author, editor, and fly fishing legend, Kirk Deeter.

Since we have had a busy week here in the shop, I am going to just hop right into this week's wrap-up. If you are liking these weekly recaps, give me a shout over email. If there is anything that you would like to see more of story-wise, shoot me an email as well, I would love to continue to hear from you all. Anyways, let's get into this week's wrap-up.

This past Monday our vary own Zeke Hersh released his ever-popular Frisco fly fishing forecast for August 2021. In Zeke's post, he mentions that "While we still are seeing some low flows and warm water temperatures on some of our lower river sections of the Colorado, Eagle, and Roaring Fork. We have been seeing a good monsoon pattern this summer and many of the upper high country streams are running full and cold. In fact, this past July was the wettest in ten years.". If you are interested in reading the rest of his well-written forecast or if you are looking to explore Frisco head over to the forecast to gain some insight on what rivers are fishing well and what tactics to use the next time you are on the water. Later that afternoon, we sent out a post giving a bit of information about an event hosted by Brandon Kramer and Landon Mayer, called Clean The Dream. This year Clean The Dream is back for its 6th annual event. If you are interested in joining Landon and Brandon head out to Charlie Meyer's State Wildlife Area on August 21st to help and do your part.

Tuesday was a very fun day. On top of getting out and fishing for a little bit, we released our Featured Trouts Guide Report and an awesome Trouts Classic. In this edition of the Trouts Classic, we went over the topic of Hopper Droppers. For the Featured Trouts Guide Report, we outlined professional fly fishing guide, Sam Kinney and his recent full-day walk/wade trip on the classic South Platte River at Deckers. According to Sam, there were Tricos flying around 10 am however, subsurface flies were the ticket. If you are interested in learning more about his recent walk-wade trip head over to the Featured Guide Report Page. Our post on hopper droppers was my personal favorite of the day. For me personally, I love throwing hoppers dropper rigs, and look I know that is not a hot new take. However, it is the time of year when this type of rig is extremely effective on just about every piece of water here in Colorado. If you are interested in learning more about this specific set up head over to the blog and learn why this setup is so popular here in Colorado and beyond.

Wednesday we got a killer shipment of Fishponds Fall 2021 Collection. If you are anything like us, you know that everything Fishponds puts out is pretty stellar. Durable in hand and built to last a lifetime their new Fall 2021 Collection is something all of us here at the shop are excited about. The gear that makes up this collection includes products such as the Fishpond Firehole Backpack, Fishpond Canyon Creek Chest Pack, and a beautiful limited edition Fishpond Nomad Emerger Net - Redband Limited Edition. If you are looking to spice up your fall gear line up now is the time to do it. I mean cmon... look at this thing.

On Wednesday we also released a post regarding the current traveling F3T show. Along with the virtual event, there will be a raffle supporting Cast Hope. Prizes for the raffle include items from companies like Yeti, Costa, and Scientific Anglers. The goal of this event is to highlight and support the great things Cast Hope is doing. In the age of screens, Cast Hope has the goal of immersing kids in the natural environment. In addition to the feature performances by Chuck Ragan, there will be a showing of The Arctic - By RA Beattie. RA is known around the world for his high level and passion for fly fishing. The feature film The Arctic - highlights a trip north of the Arctic Circle in search of arctic char in the Tree River. Make sure you reserve your seat!

Thursday we released a very interesting piece regarding the world of Euro Nymphing. Since many of our shop staff have been receiving a good number of questions regarding the topic we thought it would be best to put out a gear list for all of those interested. On the surface, this style of fishing can look complicated and a little odd. And I can understand why, someone waist-deep out in a stream with a 10' rod, hunched over, making short quick casts, and looking like a statute with their arm stretched out. As I said previously, all of this can seem a little odd. However, this method of fishing is extremely effective, once learned correctly. Keeping with the theme of dry flies and hopper dropper rigs I thought it would be a good opportunity to release another edition of Know Your Gear. This time we dove into the world of Dry Shake, what it does and how to use it. It does not matter if you are an established angler or stepping into a fly shop for the first time, a quick glance at the floatant and Dry Shake section can be a bit overwhelming. From liquids, gels, and powders trying to pick the right one can be a tad confusing and can honestly leave anyone with a bit of analysis paralysis and forgetting about the stuff altogether. Hopefully, this blog post eliminates this situation from ever happening and makes you a more knowledgeable angler in the end.

On Friday we once again held our popular Happy Hours. If you were not aware. Every Thursday and Friday we offer $0.50 OFF EVERY FLY IN THE BUILDING AND 10% OFF TERMINAL TACKLE & FLY TYING MATERIALS. If you have ever been to one of our famous 'Happy Hours' you know they are a fantastic time. Our Happy Hour has been imitated around the industry but never duplicated. Here at Trouts, we are proud to say we did it first. If you were not able to make it out this week, we hope to see you here next week! On Friday, we also released a bit of Steelhead news from our very own Will Rice.

From Dry flies, Steelhead news, and brand new products from Fishpond we had a pretty steady and engaging week here at the shop. As I mentioned before, if you are enjoying these sorts of weekly recaps let me know over email. I'd love to hear from yall. What are some of y'alls plans this weekend? For me, I think another trip to the alpine is in order. With it being such a short window of time, I somehow feel bad for missing an opportunity to take some shots and alpine cutthroats. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or lingering ideas about what flies to bring on your next trip to the water, we have your covered. Come swing by the shop, have a beer on the back deck and enjoy our space.

As always, get out. Gas up the truck, load up the fly boxes and enjoy the weekend. Oh, and make sure to take The Tape Deck with you.

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