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PHOTO ESSAY: Things Got Western, And By Western, I Mean Sketchy

Ivan Orsic / Mar 1, 2019

From the desk of Harlan Kimball - Assistant Manager - Trouts Frisco

A few Mondays ago I headed west to meet up with Zeb. Going fishing with Zeb is like getting a box of chocolates, you really don't know what your going to get. We started the day on a small tailwater drifting flies to some eager fish (pretty basic). In the back of our minds, all we could really think about was the sketchy journey to the second location. I really had no idea where we were going, all I knew is that it would be a nail biter of a drive to get there.

At the first location Zeb sighted some fish in a deep run and rolled one out to them...

The roll cast wasn't working so he showed off his tight-line-high-stick-euro skills. He reminded me to always hold the reel above your head for optimum driftablity...noted.

Success! The tail lift was not quite as high as I would have liked, overall 7.8/10 hold

Yampa had enough of our tailwater shenanigans so it was time to move on...

I didn't take any pictures of the drive there because I had my white-knuckle grip locked onto the handles in Zeb's truck. Driving along the edges of snow covered cliffs and eroded cutbacks things got pretty quiet. I just remember East Bound and Down playing multiple times because there was no way I was looking down at my phone.

We finally made it to the spot and it was time to start thinking about fishing. Although, the car ride out was lingering in our thoughts the whole time...

Walking to Zeb's favorite hole...

The scenery was wild.

Zeb hooked into something big and Yampa wanted in on the action...

Fish fought like a bat outta hell...Zeb was happy 10/10

Streamers seemed like a good idea later in the day, and it was.

Temps dropped and it was time for fire and bourbon.

Yampa made herself comfortable...somehow.

The drive out of this place was just as worrying if not more than the drive in. The truck almost slid off the cliff but Zeb waited to tell me once we were clear...thanks Zeb.

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