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This One’s For The Girls…..Part 1

Ivan Orsic / Oct 21, 2014

Apparently women get very into fall fashion. The good news is, Trouts is THE number one shop in the state for women's fly-fishing fashion. Whether it be waders, outerwear, even women specific fly rods...we've got you covered ladies!

Considering the wide array of products we carry made just for women, we'll break this topic down into two seperate posts. Today will cover women's specific Rods and Reels. Early next week we'll have a post devoted to women's Waders/Boots and Clothing.

We'll start with fly rods. While it's tough to think of a fly rod being gender specific, both Scott Fly Rods and Sage have taken this task under the belts. The results have been quite impressive to say the least.

Straight from the Montrose, Colorado based Scott Fly Rods, we get the Women's A4 and the Women's Radian.

The Women's A4 (WA4) is their mid-level rod. The A4 has been around for a number of years and for good reason, it's a solid performer in every sense of the word. Leaning more towards a medium-fast action, this rod offers the versatility of a soft tip to protect light tippets and accurately deliver small dry flies, paired with enough backbone to easily handle a decent sized streamer when it's time to look for a big'n. Perhaps the best feature of this rod is the women's specific grip. Scott used a Ritz style cork grip that is ergonimically designed to fit a women's grip profile better. This rod is available in one size, a trouty 9' 5wt. Subtle color pops add to the distinctively feminine aesthetic.

For those women looking to go straight to the top in performance fly rods, Scott has the solution. The Women's Radian....which has affectionately been dubbed "The Ladian". Scott used the same blank found on the wildly popular Radian, while-like the WA4- adding similar pink and purple thread wrap color pops. Designed with the same Ritz style grip mentioned above, as well as a special wood reel seat, this rod is sure to gain favor with countless women fly-fishers looking for a high performance, fast action fly rod.

Moving on to another household name in the fly fishing industry, the good folks over at Sage present the Grace Fly Rod.

Built on a VXP blank, this crisp, fast action fly rod is very light in hand a joy to fish. The 'women's specific' characteristic of this rod is most easily noticed by the pink colored blank and reel seat, however a slimmer profile cork grip, designed for a woman's hand, has also been used. Sage offers this rod in two very popular sizes- an 8'6" 5wt and a 9' 8wt.

Sage doesn't stop there though with their women's line. Sticking with their "Pink Is Powerful" message, we get the pink 3200 series fly reel. Aside from matching up perfectly with the Grace fly rods, the real (or should I say reel) purpose behind the pink coloration on these items is Sage's support of Casting For Recovery, a non-profit organization devoted to fighting breast cancer. With every "Pink" purchase, Sage donates $50 to this great non-profit group.

To all the guys out there- what better way to get your significant other into fly fishing than her very own fly rod! I can assure you this will go over better than the standard, "Here, borrow one of mine".

To all the ladies out there who have been struggling with what to add to their holiday wish lists.....looks to me like you've got your answer!

Be sure to check back with us early next week as we break down the rest of our women's specific products- waders, boots, outwear and clothing. While the picture layout I provide may not resemble a J. Crew catalogue (as was suggested to me) I can assure you it will be informative and I will show ALL available colors......which I understand is important.

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