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Top 8 Products from the 2018 IFTD

Ivan Orsic / Jul 18, 2018

Tucker is back from last week's IFTD festivities in Orlando and he's brought good news from the eastern half of the United States. What good news you might ask? Well, even if the last Orlando show didn't draw the same kind of hype that next year's Denver show is, that doesn't mean there aren't some exciting, quality gear coming your way in 2018/2019. NOTE: Tucker came back from IFTD, so excited about the new products that he forgot about pictures. I've scrounged some up from the internet.

1. Scott F-Series Fly Rod

Photo courtesy of Scott Fly Rods

Finally, a high-performance creek rod. A rod meant to fish small streams with short, precise casts. This fiberglass beauty isn't meant to huck 40 feet on a quarter. It's meant to cast 15 feet on a dime. The new F-series utilizes the new FiberFuse enhanced resin system. The FiberFuse creates a stronger, higher performing blank that stabilizes the rod's ability to track and increases feel in hand. From 2 weights to 4 weights, Scott has done it again.

2. Winston Pure Fly Rod

Photo courtesy of Hatch Magazine

Winston is going back to their roots with the new PURE series. A moderate action, dry fly fishing machine the series is prototypical Winston and it will be available from 2 weights through 5 weights.

3. Fishpond Switchback Belt System

Photo courtesy of fishpond

A wading belt? For real? Yes, when a wading belt isn't just a belt, it makes the list. It's modular and it's fantastic.

4. Ross Animas Fly Reel

Another Ross classic gets a makeover. The Montrose crew continues to raise the bar.

5. Orvis Mirage LT Fly Reel

Photo courtesy for Venturing Angler

Now 30% lighter and 30% narrower, the USA made Mirage LT looks looks real good. It has the same sealed, maintenance-free carbon drag system as the standard Mirage. The LT is simply lighter. For weight comparison purposes, Mirage LTIII weighs just 4.3 oz while the standard Mirage III comes in at 6.2oz—a significant difference.

6. Simms Flyweight Wading Boots

Photo courtesy of Venturing Angler

I'm a huge fan of the hiking style boots. I've had my Vapors for two years, so when I saw the SIMMS Flyweight Wading Boots, I lit up. There's nothing worse than fishing five miles of river and then hiking back with boots that feel like the mafia was trying to make your body disappear in the Hudson. Enter Flyweight Wading Boots - the lightest wading boots SIMMS has ever made. 40 oz a pair with super grippy VIBRAM HydroGrip Outsole. I'm pumped.

7. Simms KIDS Tributary Waders

Photo courtesy of Trout Unlimited

Waterproof, breathable, durable waders for kids priced at $139...say it ain't so.

8. Riversmith RiverQuiver

Photo courtesy of Riversmith

A locking, roof-top rod storage system...Details to follow.

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