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Ivan Orsic / Oct 10, 2016

Trouts Guide Service Report: 10/10

I know it's about the least original thought I could put down on this report.....but it really doesn't get much better than Fall fishing. We're still staying busy on the...

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Ivan Orsic / Sep 19, 2016

One Rig To Rule Them All: Jon Kirk

The idea for this came about from one of our Facebook followers in our weekly "Let's Hear It" post. The topic was, "If you were to be stuck with ...

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Ivan Orsic / Sep 15, 2016

Trouts Guide Service Report: 9/15

I'm not trying to sound like a broken record here but if you haven't been out on the water lately, you're SEVERELY missing out. We're just a few days away...

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Ivan Orsic / Sep 9, 2016

Football or Fishing? Who’s getting out this weekend?

With Labor Day behind us and football back on everyone’s mind, local waters should see a little less traffic than the previous weekends. Thankfully the Broncos play on Thursday night...

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Ivan Orsic / Sep 2, 2016

Who’s Fishing this Labor Day Weekend?

Labor day is upon us. The weather forecast this weekend looks good across almost the entire state. Long weekends and nice weather hopefully means there is plenty of time to...

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Ivan Orsic / Aug 26, 2016

Trouts Guide Service Report: 8/26

I don't know if there's any other way to sum it up these past few weeks than to take another look at the sentence above. We're starting to move into...

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