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Trouts Denver Open Fly Tying Nights

Ivan Orsic / Jan 4, 2023

We are proud to announce the return of Trouts Open Fly Tying Nights. Hang with some of the Trouts crew as we whip up some of our favorite patterns for winter and beyond.

True to the name, our Open Fly Tying Nights are open to fly tyers of all skill levels. Whether you're a veteran tyer looking to hang out with like-minded folks during these colder months or you've just picked up the art of fly tying and are interested in picking up some tricks of the trade from some more experienced tyers, our Open Fly Tying Nights will be your jam. As always, there will be cold refreshments available from the back patio YETI cooler.

At Trouts, we understand how necessary fly tying is to the fly fishing community, which is why we want to open our doors and provide those passionate about tying the space to create and mingle with other like-minded folks. These nights are an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills, learn a new fly style, or just come hang out and talk about flies, fishing, or rigging!

These are completely FREE events. Bring your own tools, materials, and supplies. This is not a formal education night, but there will be plenty of knowledge floating around in the ether. Extra tools and vises are available, if needed (to purchase or borrow for the evening). Materials and hooks, as always, are available for purchase.

Check out the upcoming schedule of Trouts Open Fly Tying Nights:

This is event will be 100% free, and no signup or registration is required. It is important to remember that this event is not a class or seminar. This is simply an opportunity to bring your fly-tying supplies to the shop and make yourself at home for a few hours. We hope to see yall here!

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