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Trouts Fly Fishing: Your Newest Orvis Endorsed Outfitter

Ivan Orsic / Aug 7, 2015

Since day 1, Trouts Fly Fishing has always been about offering our customers the best experience both in-shop and on-water they can find. It goes without saying then that part of this equation is offering customers the best fly fishing goods and products available. 3 years ago we brought Orvis in under our roof and the results have been nothing short of outstanding. Whether it be their award winning Helios 2 fly rods, their Silver Sonic Waders, or perhaps even just fly boxes and accessories, it became immediately clear Orvis would have a place under this roof indefinitely. Great gear backed by great customer service and support....and hey, our customers love it too. What more can you ask for?

So now that we've covered the in-shop aspect of offering our customers the best, how does this translate into their on-water learning and progression. Many of you may remember an announcement from earlier this year that after many years of enjoying a strategic partnership with Freestone Outfitters- the Denver based 2014 Orvis Guide Service of the Year- all guiding ownership and operations were brought under the Trouts roof. While we expected a positive response from our customers in now being able to offer both the best retail and guiding experience available- all under one roof- the support that has proven to materialize has been incredibly inspiring. Seeing our customers continue to return time and time again- all while bringing new customers in with them- is without a doubt the biggest motivation each and every one of us here has to continue to push the limits of what we can offer.

The real icing on the cake then is with this very announcement being made. It is an indisputable fact that over the years Orvis has proven itself to be an industry leader, in every aspect of the word, at offering the best educational, outfitting and adventure travel options to be found anywhere. Their success rates at introducing new people to the sport of fly fishing can't even begin to be touched by any other organization, anywhere. I can tell you through firsthand experience, the passion that the Company brings to our sport- and most importantly, passing it down to the next generation- is second to none.

When we found out about our candidacy to be recognized in the elite group as an Orvis Endorsed Outfitter, the excitement around the office was palpable and we wanted it badly. To be able to now make this annoucement to you all feels just as good as I pictured it to, and is further proof that when it comes to any and all of your fly-fishing needs, you need look no further than Trouts Fly Fishing.

Unfamiliar with the Orvis Endorsment Program? Here's a few points to get you up to speed.

A little about the Orvis Endorsement Program- courtesy of

Over two decades ago, Orvis set out to make planning a world-class fishing experience easier for our customers. We sought out the best fishing operations in the most exceptional fishing areas of North America. The result was the Orvis-Endorsed Opearations program for lodges, guides, outfitters, and expeditions. Each endorsed operation has its own character, but all share the same high standards: great service, great fishing, and an experienced, professional staff. These standards of excellence are continually reviewed by the Orvis staff and evaluated by visiting guests in post-visit critiques sent directly to Orvis. Orvis-Endorsed operations cater to every ability from beginner to expert.

What is the difference between an Orvis Guide Service and an Outffiter?

Guides: Orvis-Endorsed Guides may be independent or part of a guide service that provides several guides. Each guide has a high level of expertise on a specific watershed and is committed to superior customer service and satisfaction.

Outfitters: Orvis-Endorsed Outfitters offer guides based out of Orvis fly shops, where you can get expert advice and gear appropriate for the local waters.

How do I use the Orvis Endorsement program to plan a future fishing trip?

As mentioned above, any Guide Service, Outfitter, or Lodge carrying the Orvis Endorsed badge has proven its professionalism, knowledge and quality of experience to the utmost degree. Click HERE to view the list of other Orvis Endorsed fly-fishing operations across the country.

Maybe the best way to sum this all up though is the way that Orvis does "Trust your dream fly-fishing trips to Orvis; our endorsed fly-fishing operations are researched, vetted, and selected by experts who bring their vast expertise in fly fishing to choosing the finest operations worldwide on your behalf."

Been a while since you've checked out any Orvis fly fishing gear yourself? Swing by the shop or click HERE to browse in our online store. Whether it's a new rod or reel, fly line or fly box, waders or fishing shirt, Orvis has you covered.

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