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Trouts Fly Tying - Tying Josh’s Caddis Nymph

Ivan Orsic / May 15, 2018

Trouts Frisco guide Josh Diller is back with another fly tying video. This edition features a caddis nymph that he's been tying up and fishing around Summit County this month. Utilizing a tungsten rib back, this fly is a great fly to use during high water season, if you're tight-line nymphing, or if you want to avoid using split shot.


Thread: 70 Denier - Olive
Hook: TMC 2487 - Size 12
Bead: 5/32" Black
Rib Back: Medium Tungsten
Wire: Copper - Small copper
Scud Back: 1/8" Summer Duck
Dubbing: Green (of your choice)

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