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Trouts Fly Tying - Tying the Sparkle Dun

Ivan Orsic / Apr 12, 2019

If Blue-Winged Olives are hatching and trout are eating them off the surface, we'd highly recommend this classic from West Yellowstone. Sparse, but visible, the Sparkle Dun is a stellar dry fly that is sure to induce an eat. The tail on this fly does an excellent job imitating the empty nymphal husk that can often be found still attached to an emerging dun and this can trigger eats from even the most selective of trout. It's a pretty simple tie and one that allows you to fill your fly box quickly for your next trip to the river.

Trouts Guide Josh Diller dropped by the Trouts Frisco location to throw this video together.

Hook: Umpqua U203 Size 16-22
Thread: 8/0 Uni Thread - Tan

Wing: Deer Hair
Tail: Z-lon
Thorax: Superfine Dubbing - Rustic Brown
Adhesive: Hareline Hard as Hull Head Cement

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