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Trouts Frisco's Breakfast Bugs!

Ivan Orsic / Feb 23, 2017

Whether you didn't have time to swing by the Denver shop for Happy Hour or you are already in Summit County getting ready to hit the water, we don't think it's fair for you to miss out on our specials. That is why we are introducing "Breakfast Bugs" at our Frisco location. From now through May 31st (or possibly later) all flies will be $0.50 off from when the doors open in the morning until noon everyday. To me the best part about “Breakfast Bugs” is the convenience of everything else Main Street, Frisco has to offer. If you are in a rush to hit the water, but need a quick bite to eat along with a warm cup of coffee, Rocky Mountain Coffee Roasters and the Breakfast Deli are literally right across the street from the shop. That isn’t all Frisco has to offer, sit down breakfast joints such as the Log Cabin, (my favorite) the Butterhorn Bakery and Bread & Salt will fill you up before those long days on the river! Frisco Liquors is also right off Main St. to load up your cooler with your favorite river side beverages. I guess what I’m really trying to say is, Main Street Frisco makes it pretty easy for you as an angler in preparation for a day on the water! Come by and see us today!!


When: Open - 12:00 PM (Now-May 31st)

What: $0.50 Off All Flies

Where: Trouts Frisco (309 B Main Street, Frisco, CO 80443)

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