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Trouts Frisco Forecast | December 24th Edition

Zeke Hersh / Dec 24, 2020

Happy Holidays from Trouts Fly Fishing and the Frisco desk this week of Christmas!

The weather the past few days has been unseasonably warm in the mountains. Just yesterday, I was able to float the Colorado River and put a good number of fish to the net with very comfortable floating conditions. These temperatures are not hanging around long as we have a couple days of colder weather moving through Colorado bringing some very cold day time highs. As we near Christmas Eve we will get a bit of a warm-up and then as we get into the week of New Years will have some snow moving through. Don't necessarily be scared off by the snow as this can offer some great fishing opportunities. Be ready for a little harder traveling conditions and getting outside will require a few more layers.

Some of my standout locations for the next couple of weeks are.

The Colorado below Glenwood Springs:

This section is making the list again purely on how good the nymph fishing can be through the winter and even though it is not going to be as warm as it was the last few days, there will be some good opportunities for nymphing up nice fish. Just look out for low temperatures in the single digits as this may cause ice flow.

The Arkansas from Buena Vista to Canyon City:

This section is making the list again as well, for many reasons. As I have mentioned before it is a favorite to fish in the winter. One of these reasons is day time temperatures. The next ten days, the temperatures are going to get into the high forties for a few days and then stay in the mid to high thirties. Warm sunny fishing is a bonus in the winter. Another reason this area continues to make the report, is there is an abundance of public water to fish and usually a few less fisherman.

The Eagle River:

The Eagle makes the list again, because I noticed plenty of open water while driving down to the Colorado river this week. Down low in the slower water, ice was definitely forming, but up higher there was plenty of open water. The warm days will offer good fishing, just look out for the single digit night time temperatures that will create icing and ice flows. Get here before the river does start icing up for the winter in most spots.

The Frying Pan below Ruedi Reservoir:

The Pan made the list this time as an option for tailwater fisheries. We have been talking about the Blue River lately and how good mysis fishery it can be. The Fryingpan is quite the fishery as well! It’s a good drive for most of us, but with temperatures in the thirties and some colder night temperatures, this makes this river a good option to think about.

The South Platte below Spinney Mountain Reservoir (The Dream Stream):

The Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area, AKA “The Dream Stream”, is making the list again as the ten-day forecast has some temperatures in the upper thirties in the first part of the ten days and then some temperatures in the upper twenties and what looks like moderate wind. Pretty optimal if you ask me for winter fishing on “The Dream Stream”.

Staff Picked Trout Flies - Arkansas River
Staff Picked Trout Flies - Arkansas River
Staff Picked Trout Flies - Upper Colorado
Staff Picked Trout Flies - Upper Colorado
Staff Picked Trout Flies - Dream Stream
Staff Picked Trout Flies - Dream Stream
Staff Picked Trout Flies - Frying Pan
Staff Picked Trout Flies - Frying Pan
Staff Picked Trout Flies - Roaring Fork
Staff Picked Trout Flies - Roaring Fork


KGB - black

The KGB in black and in size #16 or 18 makes this list again. This fly caught all but one fish on my float the other day. I just love its sparse tie, silver tungsten bead and its blue flashback. Try this fly out, I think you will like it.

Span Juan Worm

Since we are talking about tailwaters a lot in the winter we need to mention some good tailwater flies. Not to mention, Ivan talked about this fly in his last forecast. This sparse worm pattern is a great option as a point fly in our clear and low tailwaters.

Black Beauty

One of the classic midge patterns, this is a must pattern to have in your midge box. This very basic pattern catches fish year after year and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Top Secret Midge

This small bicolored midge with a little flash is a great option for picky trout or when a little more of a muted color is needed. With the little bit of a flashback, It can also be a great option during a midge emergence.

Hi Vis Griffith’s Gnat

The classic midge dry, fly but with a little bit of “Zaz”, as Ivan, Will and Rick like to call it. IE- a highly visible post. Much like the original but with that hi-vis post which makes this a great option to fish as a single dry those rising trout on your favorite winter stream.


Colorado at Glenwood Springs: 1230 CFS

Arkansas at Salida: 258 CFS

The Eagle River at Gypsum: 186 CFS

The Frying Pan near Ruedi: 47.1 CFS

South Platte above Elevenmile Reservoir: 128 CFS


The ten-day forecast will start out with a few warm days with temperatures in the forties as this report comes out. The day temps will be warm, but there will be some cold evenings preceding those warm days. So keep that in mind when choosing your locations. Then a wintery weather trend sticks with us for the next five to seven days, bringing some snow and temperatures in the twenties and thirties as well as some cold evening temperatures.

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