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Trouts Frisco Forecast | March 4th Edition

Zeke Hersh / Mar 4, 2021

Welcome to the Trouts Frisco/Mountain Forecast!

It feels just like just a short while ago we were just hitting the winter solstice and getting into the thick of winter fly fishing. Now all of a sudden, we are almost in spring. It looks like some spring-like weather will be upon us for the first part of the forecast and this will mean some very comfortable fishing weather. We really do live in quite the special place here in Colorado and the next couple months showcase so many reasons why I love it here so much.

A few places I think about visiting this time of year.

The Colorado River below Glenwood Springs:

The Colorado below Glenwood Springs is emerging from winter as it does most years at this time. There can be some thick midge hatches in the weeks to come and then the blue-winged olives will start to emerge. The days can still be hit and miss for weather, but getting the boat out is always worth it, in my opinion.

The Eagle River:

All reports from the Eagle have been quite good as of late. While this river has started to become a little popular, it's for good reason. With such a healthy bug life the fish grow fat and strong. You should see some good midge hatches in the weeks to come and as with the Colorado river, look for some blue-wing olives as the temperatures warm.

The Arkansas from Buena Vista to Canon City:

The next two months are maybe my favorite two months to fish the Arkansas river. You won’t see the crowds that the caddis hatch or summer brings and the fishing is dang good. Fish have still been stacked in the deeper holes and runs but as the temperatures rise look for the fish to start spreading out. There have been good midge hatches midday and I love cloudy pre-storm days to look for blue-wing olive hatches.

The Colorado at Parshall below the Williams Fork confluence:

This another gem to fish the next couple of months. As we start to warm up look for periods of a couple warm days in a row. This tends to jump start the midge hatch on the Williams Fork and Colorado. The midges are quite large and fishing can be lights out. If you can hit it right you won’t be disappointed! Just watch out, if you get there too late in the warming trend the waters could muddy on the Williams Fork.

The Wild Card*- The Gunnison at Pleasure Park:

This is making the report again, because I am jonesing to float. And maybe float something else besides the Colorado below Glenwood Springs. You can float right out of Pleasure Park and also walk up in the canyon. There is some pretty spectacular fishing and scenery. Being a tailwater, look for midges to be your go to. But as we warm up, look for blue winged olives.

Staff Picked Trout Flies - Lower Colorado
Staff Picked Trout Flies - Lower Colorado
Staff Picked Trout Flies - Arkansas River
Staff Picked Trout Flies - Arkansas River
Staff Picked Trout Flies - Upper Colorado
Staff Picked Trout Flies - Upper Colorado
Staff Picked Trout Flies - Gunnison River
Staff Picked Trout Flies - Gunnison River
Staff Picked Trout Flies - Williams Fork
Staff Picked Trout Flies - Williams Fork


Hot Belly Pheasant Tail

As we are emerging from winter, pheasant tails start fishing well on tailwaters and freestones alike. The green version really looks like a cased caddis and trout will be looking for these protein packed sources of food.

Jig CDC Tailwater Sowbug

A little bit hare’s ear a little bit rainbow warrior. The CDC gives this fly a little life and although it is supposed to represent a scud or shrimp, this fly just fishes. Fish this on freestones and tailwaters for an alternative to a hare’s ear, rainbow warrior or other light colored attractor patterns.

Tungsten Zebra Midge

I know this pattern has been here many times this winter. But it’s just because it fishes so well through the winter months. It will really shine the next few weeks in the black color and in sizes #18 and smaller.

ICU Midge Red

This midge pattern with a heavy tungsten bead, a little flash and on a curved hook gets into the zone and hooks fish. Although black can be my go to in the weeks to come. On some rivers, red can out fish other colors at certain times of day. Check this pattern out, I think you’ll like it.

Mirrored Midge

On those bright days or right in the middle of the hatch this flashy pearl and green bodied fly catches fish when other flies might not be doing the trick. The flash on this fly attracts fish and can give the appearance of an emerging midge. I have been fishing this pattern all winter long with some great success.


The Colorado below Glenwood Springs- 1060 CFS

The Eagle at Gypsum- 154 CFS

The Arkansas at Salida- 211 CFS

The William Fork below Williams Fork Reservoir- 84.7 CFS

The Gunnison River at Delta- 62.6 CFS


The ten-day forecast looks quite favorable for fishing. For the start of the forecast the temps in Frisco will be in the mid to upper forties with a short cool down and then warming back up to the mid and upper forties. As we near the end of the ten days we will see some snow and colder temperatures but still looking very fishable. Enjoy this little stretch of warm weather and fishing!

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