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Trouts Hosted Trip: Fall On The Bighorn- the follow up

Ivan Orsic / Oct 23, 2015

When I finalized the dates for this Fall's Hosted Trip to the Bighorn, visions of puffy jackets, stocking caps, streamer fishing and being able to see your breath in the cool morning air filled my least the streamer fishing portion of that day dream came to fruition.

After a long Summer of guiding and constantly being outside in 80 plus degree weather, I always look forward to the changing of the seasons, which conveniently coincides with a slow down in my daily schedule...which more conveniently coincides with me actually getting to fish a little for myself. Now I'm not complaining about the reality that I spend way more days on the water watching other people catch fish versus watching myself catch fish, but there's no way to deny it (and I think any guide would agree) by Fall we're all usually ready to get a little personal fishing done. So as I watched October approach on the calendar, my anticipation for another Hosted Trip to the Bighorn began to grow. October is always an unpredictable month for weather in the Rockies and Montana during the 10th month is no exception. It could be snowing. It could be 80........and as the pictures below will show you, we were dealt the latter. On top of that, unseasonably hot temperatures almost always bring another reality as well- wind. And yes, we got a bunch of that too. But hey, it's Montana and it's the Bighorn could you not have fun?

Some of you may remember reading of my last Hosted Trip up to the 'Horn last Spring and if you don't, click HERE to get caught up to speed. Things were a little different this go'round and the dry fly fishing that occupied the majority of days 6 months ago was virtually non-existent. The hot, windy weather left us throwing streamers and nymph rigs from put-in to take-out and as is usually the case with this river when you find one fish, you just found a whole bunch. As I sit here in my office looking out the window at a chilly, rain soaked 6th avenue, I guess wet-wading in October wasn't all that bad.

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