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Trouts Six-Pack with Edgar Diaz of Sight Line Provisions

Ivan Orsic / Sep 1, 2017

If you in tune with fly fishing on social media or the blogosphere, you have undoubtedly seen the handiwork of Edgar Diaz. Edgar, an angler and artist based out of Austin, Texas, handmakes impressive authentic leather goods that are highlighted with metal badges that pay homage to our favorite fish to chase on the fly. Edgar's unique leather bracelets are now available at Trouts Denver. Here in the shop, we have a selection of trout, tarpon, permit, streamer and Rocky Mountain inspired bracelets.

Edgar paid us a visit earlier this month and found some time to answer a quick 6-pack of questions about Sight Line Provisions and his approach on the water!

Trouts: What is the inspiration behind Sight Line Provisions?

ED: During a trip to Yellowstone with my family I asked my kids a few times “What’s in your Sight Line?” as I wanted to them to experience everything nature had to offer. At the time (2015), I had been making antique based high-end leather bracelets for about 5 years ( and I wanted to make a leather bracelet that showed my love of the outdoors. Thus, the idea for Sight Line Provisions was born.

Trouts: Why leather?

ED: Leather tells a story. Every nick, crease and patina is unique to the person that wears it. That's pretty damn special.

Trouts: You have many "famous" SLProvisioners, what is the coolest trip you've been on and what is the coolest trip one of your pieces has been on?

ED: Yes, we have a great team of Sight Line PROvisioners, and feel very humbled that they are excited to represent our brand. I would have to say that last years trip to Abaco Lodge in the Bahamas was pretty epic. I was able to share this amazing experience with my family and landed my first bonefish with Trevor, our guide. Coolest Trip SLP has been on... I would have to say that our friend Oliver White seems to be on “Trip of a lifetime” every 2 weeks, so I would have to say that he’s got that distinction wrapped up. Our SLPROvisioner, Jako Lucas is a close 2nd with the Seychelles, Kamchatka, and Mongolia on his list of destinations.

Trouts: What's your most memorable fish to date?

ED: That’s easy...the one that got away. It was a huge brown that crushed a green drake on the Blue River this past August. Unfortunately the memorable part was feeling my leader to tippet knot pop as this beastly brown put a huge bend in my 6 weight. Watching this fish breach the water will haunt me for a long time, but at the same time was an amazing sight.

Trouts: If you were to chose your favorite bracelet, which one would it be? (What's your daily bracelet?)

ED: Well, let me get past the standard “There all my favorite” line…I would say that my favorite would be the first one I made, a 2 toned Trout. When you look at it now it may look like our other bracelets, but when I first made that one piece I knew I had started something special! My daily bracelet is one of my first Trout 2.0 Silver with my Turquoise Inlay, on Japanese Denim.

Trouts: If you were forced to choose, would you fish saltwater or freshwater for the rest of your life?

ED: Man…as tough as that question is, I would have to say freshwater. I couldn’t imagine NOT having that intimacy of fishing a small mountain river ever again. Hooking up with a 9” native trout on a dry fly is my jam!

Bonus Trouts Question: Left, Right, or Both? (which wrist do you wear your bracelet on?)

ED: Most days Left, when I’m on the water Both! I’ve been known to give my bracelets to new friends I meet on the water (usually the one on my right wrist).

Thanks to Edgar for taking a bit of time out of his busy schedule to answer a quick 6 (with a bonus) for us. Stop by the shop to check out his handmade bracelets!

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