Trouts Journal

Trouts Spotlight: Delta Trout Force

Ivan Orsic / Aug 14, 2013

At Trouts Fly Fishing we like to help promote local stuff. By “stuff”, we mean local beers like Oskar Blues, local Colorado shops like Duranglers, Vail Valley Anglers and the Steamboat Flyfisher, Taylor Creek up in the Roaring Fork River Valley, Trout Trickers, Dragonfly Anglers, and Royal Gorge Anglers. We also like to support local anglers, writers and photographers. In this case, Trouts would like to highlight Danny Frank who writes the Delta Trout Force Blog and his introduction of Lee Molvie, another Trouts Fly Fishing customer. Check out Danny’s blog and read all about Lee’s first trip to the salt. If you have never taken a salt water trip, there is a lot of great information packed into this blog post. Nice work guys!

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