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TROUTS TIES // How to Tie the Demon Midge Variant with Eric Schmidt

Ivan Orsic / Feb 22, 2022

In the most recent episode of Five Flies, Landon & Tanner agreed that when it comes to fishing midges in the late winter - RED - is a great color to put in rotation. Enter the DEMON MIDGE.

Trouts own Eric Schmidt swung by the studio to tie a variant of Matt McCannell's Demon Midge - an excellent option if you're looking to put a couple more fish in the net this time of year. Developed with the picky trout of the Uncompahgre River in mind, the Demon Midge has all the elements a small midge needs to fool a wary trout into having a bite - Flash, Color, and Profile.

In Schmidt's variation, he makes a couple of changes to the ingredients including a shorter shank hook, a tungsten bead, and black thread serving as the rib.


Hook: U202 Red Size 16-22
Bead: Black Tungsten size 2.8- 1.5mm
Thread: UTC 70D Red
Body: Veevus Quill Body Fuchsia
Rib: UTC Ultra 70D or Extra Small Black Wire
Collar: Red Krystal Flash
UV Resin: Solarez Bone Dry

Tie Your Own!


What makes it different from the original? I use a small tungsten bead to add weight. I use a red scud hook instead of the light wire, slightly bent shank 4x long hook for added hook gap and strength.

Step 1
- Place the tungsten bead on the hook and lay down a layer of red tying thread from the bead back to the bend of the hook.

Step 2
- Tie in your black thread or XS black wire for the rib (whichever you choose) pinning it down to the back of the hook. Leave it hanging off the back of the hook for later.

Step 3
- Tie in the Fuchsia Body Quill and pin it down to the back of the hook. Then wrap it in side by side turns to the front of the hook behind the bead, tie it off and trim the excess.

Step 4
- Wrap the thread or wire up to the bead for a ribbing effect. Tie off and trim(thread) or break off (wire) excess.

Step 5
- Tie in your red flash material right behind the bead and only pin down enough to hold it on the hook. Wrap the flash around the hook so it covers the area just behind the bead, not more than a ¼ of the hook. Tie off and trim excess.

Step 6
- Whip Finish and trim thread. Coat the entire fly (not bead) with UV glue and cure with UV light. This gives the fly some translucence and depth in the body.

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