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Trouts Proudly Welcomes Katrina Brisbin to the Team!

Ivan Orsic / Jul 28, 2020

Trouts is proud to welcome Katrina Brisbin into the fold as our Marketing Assistant & Content Creator. Katrina will be completing her 10th year of service with the Air Force and will be transitioning into civilian life in 2021. She is joining us for 6 months as part of Department of Defense Skillbridge Program.

Katrina has a ton of experience with graphic design, photography, and visual art and she'll be bringing her varied skillset to the marketing team through January 2021. Katrina has been chasing our finned friends since she was a kid spending summers in New Mexico.

With all that in mind, we wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know Katrina. Without further adieu, let's see what makes Katrina tick on the water.

Trouts: Let's start this from the top- how did you get your start fly-fishing and what keeps you heading back to the river every chance you get?

KB: I was first introduced to fly fishing by my grandfather. We used to spend our summers in Eagle Nest, NM, and some of my fondest memories involve going to the shop in town and learning about “the bugs” that were biting. Fast forward several years and after many military moves, my passion for fishing was reignited by my life partner. As soon as he heard I loved fishing, he couldn’t wait to get me in some waders and out on the water.

Trouts: Describe your perfect day on the water?

KB: I’m honestly not picky. As long as I can escape to beautiful views, feel the wind in my hair and hear the water rushing by, I’m happy.

Trouts: If you could only fish one fly in Colorado for the next 365 days, what would it be and why?

KB: Chocolate Foam Back Emerger AKA the Chocolate Thunder. I constantly seem to find myself trying to entice the shyest of trout and this midge is pretty effective. “Chocolate Thunder” is also one of the many nicknames we have for our dog, so it makes me smile every time I say it.

Trouts: Favorite place you've ever fished?

KB: I’ve traveled the world and been lucky enough to fish in some pretty incredible locations, but my favorite is still the little streams that flow through the mountains in New Mexico. It’s definitely not the most exotic location, but its where I fell in love with it all and what I would consider home.

Trouts: Favorite river in Colorado?

KB: I would say the Colorado River, especially the stretches up around Rocky Mountain National Park. Even though it can be challenging to fish when the flow gets super high, that area combines a few of my favorite things: mountains, alpine lakes, wildlife and beautiful water.

Trouts: Destination to dream about?

KB: It’s honestly a draw between heading up to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska or hanging out in Hawai’i. They are honestly vastly different, but still as equally as enticing.

Trouts: What is the best piece of fishing advice you've ever been given?

KB: When you’re on the water, that’s the only thing that matters. Think about the flows, the fish, the air, the bugs . . . push all the other BS out of your mind and just focus on the nature happening in front of you.

Trouts: When not fishing, what are we most likely to find you doing?

KB: You can find me somewhere, probably with a camera or beer in my hand, chasing after our beautiful, kind and wild spirited daughter … or our chocolate lab.

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