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Umpqua Ledges ZS2 500 Waist Pack

Ivan Orsic / Aug 1, 2019

Arriving in Trouts in September 2019, the newly redesigned and reimagined Umpqua Ledges ZS2 500 Waist Pack is a welcome addition to our pack and bag wall. With all-day comfort from the 500's stiff back-panel and padded waist belt, the Ledges ZS2 has ample room for 4 standard fly boxes and the crowd favorite hemostat sheath remains an easily accessed feature. The Ledges ZS2 500 Waist Pack, like all the other ZS2 packs and bags, features an integrated net slot for easy storage/access. Want a little more storage space? Check out the Umpqua Ledges ZS2 650 Waist Pack.

What's new in the Umpqua Ledges ZS2 500 Waist Pack? Molle webbing. The ultimate in plug-and-play design, the new Ledges ZS2 500 can be accessorized with Floatant Holders, Tippet Holders, Water Bottle Holders and much more. Each accessory utilizes the molle integration system and this allows for peak customization of your on-the-water experience.

Check it out in the shop come September or online.

Umpqua Ledges ZS2 500 Waist Pack

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