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Video Gear Review: Tacky Fly Box

Ivan Orsic / Apr 20, 2015

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Hey everyone, Kyle Wilkinson from Trouts Fly Fishing here to tell you about a product that has been flying off our shelves lately- the Tacky Fly Box. These new fly boxes are made by a relatively new, Utah based company, Tacky Fly Fishing, and are sure to be the fly box solution many of you have been looking for. Tacky Fly Boxes come in two different sizes currently, the Original, which holds 168 flies, and the Day Pack which can hold up to 180 small flies such as midges. When it comes to features, one of the first things you’ll notice is the nice slim profile- which makes organization and storing in your pack a breeze, as well as the clear lid which allows you to easily see the flies your attempting to locate. The other most noticeable feature is the blue colored insert. This silicone insert features a slotted design which securely hold flies in place. The tacky nature of silicone (hence the name) seems to hold flies much more firmly than other foam options we’ve seen in the past. Additionally, silicone has more durability than foam so you’ll get a longer life span out of these boxes. The slotted design works similar to other slotted designs you may have seen where you simply back your flies into the slots at the bend of the hook. Tacky Fly Boxes use magnets to hold the box close eliminating the need for latch type system. Lastly, these boxes are made out of a durable, shatterproof polycarbonate material offering a great deal of durability in the event you drop it. Again, this is the Tacky Fly Box and you can get it right here at Trouts Fly Fishing, or online at Thank you.

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