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Ivan Orsic / Mar 26, 2022

In Flylords' latest film ADAPT, the Flylords team looks at the changing landscape many anglers find themselves in. Their point? Adapt. In their film, our own Rick Mikesell and others share their perspective on how he has adapted to the change in fly fishing culture over the years.

The excerpt below was taken from written by Wills Donaldson - March 23, 2022

In this film, we take a look at the sport of fly-fishing through the eyes of 3, very unique, anglers. Here, Emily Dmohowski, from Vail Valley Anglers, Josh Graffam, from Umpqua, and Rick Mikesell, from Trouts Fly Shop, address how they are adapting to the changing culture of fly-fishing. Whether it's waking up earlier, driving/ hiking further, or finding new ways to fish and new fish to fish for, these anglers are striving to defeat the stale rhetoric of the curmudgeonly angler and take action! In this short film, brought to life by G. Loomis, we dive into what it means to be an angler and what it means to adapt.


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