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WATCH: Bi-Weekly Video Fishing Report & Forecast - July 6th Edition

Ivan Orsic / Jul 6, 2018

It's Hopper-Dropper Season. It's hard to beat the effectiveness of a Hopper-Dropper rig in mid-to-late summer here in the Rockies. The hopper-dropper rig is effective on both Freestones and Tailwaters and does a great job of presenting flies to fish who are holding in those classic summer lies. Whether the fish prefers a big bushy terrestrial or an attractor nymph, the Hopper-Dropper covers your bases. Trouts Education and Outfitting Manager Dave Lovell is back with another installment of the Trouts Tips series explaining how he likes to set up his Hopper-Dropper rig. He demonstrates his preferred setup. These are merely guidelines. Depth, fly choice, and tippet size depend on the river and river conditions you are seeing out there, so feel free to change depths, flies, and arrangement!

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