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WATCH: CHEESMAN CANYON UPDATE // 2 Weeks After the Flash Flood

Ivan Orsic / Aug 14, 2023

Around 4 PM on July 31st, 2023, an afternoon storm dropped approximately 2.5 inches of rain into the canyon. This rain led to a flash flood event where flows in the canyon increased from 239 cfs to 630 cfs in very short order.

As a result of this flash flood event, significant amounts of sediment and debris were transported downslope in the canyon and into the South Platte itself. All in all, approximately 20 notable sediment slides have been documented in the canyon. The sediment slides are primarily composed of decomposed granite gravel. Following the rain event, Denver Water dropped flows to 75 cfs because of an excess of water in the system.

Currently flows have been bumped back up to 172 cfs.

We've received quite a few inquiries about the state of Cheesman Canyon following the flash flood. There is a lot of concern about the condition of the fishery and the trail and rightfully so. The canyon is an amazing fishery to have in our backyard and it's been fishing extremely well in recent years.

So, earlier this week, I hiked into the canyon (camera in hand) to document the condition of Gill Trail and the South Platte through Cheesman Canyon. Check out the video below.

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