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WATCH: Five Flies for April 2021 - Spring Fly Fishing in Cheesman Canyon

Ivan Orsic / Apr 14, 2021


While spring in the Rockies often time means bigger flies and a wider variety of hatches to imitate, the Dorseys (Pat & Forrest) know that it's never a bad time to play the hits. While stoneflies and caddis will be present and fish will key in on them throughout the month, we know that (especially on the tailwaters) midges and blue-winged olives can be the day makers this time of year. While life, weather, and a variety of scheduling issues got in the way of sharing the water with the Dorseys, we still selected five Pat & Forrest flies that will get the job done this month.

For this month's episode, follow along with Trouts Head Guide Scott Dickson as he spends a lonely day in Cheesman Canyon picking apart pockets and putting a couple of South Platte rainbows in his net. It was a snowy spring day in the canyon with very little bug activity, but our picks for April produced as you would expect a selection of Dorsey flies to perform.

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