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WATCH: Five Flies for January 2022 with Zeke Hersh

Ivan Orsic / Jan 7, 2022


It's JANUARY and winter is HERE. We've been encouraged by all the recent snowstorms moving through the state and it's always nice to see the snowpack piling up. With that in mind, we are truly in the meat of winter fishing. Cold temperatures, low flows, and small bugs. It's a great time to hone your presentation and rigging to fool those sluggish, winter trout.

For this month's episode, Tanner Smith and Ivan Orsic are joined by Trouts Frisco's own Zeke Hersh to talk about winter fishing on freestones and tailwaters, alike. From bug selection to the winter mindset of working the right water to find success, the fellas touched on everything from deep water nymphing, when to call it, the joys of winter beers, tying flies to get revenge on strangers, and Tanner and Ivan's upcoming trip to New Orleans for redfish.

We also answered a couple of commenter questions about rigging, bug choice, and fishing techniques. If you have a question about January fishing - leave a comment down below on the YouTube video. If we pick yours, you'll WIN a Trouts Prize Pack! We're stepping up our game in this regard and we're excited to show you what we have for your upcoming prize packs with a little help from some of our favorite brands.

We'll be welcoming the one and only Landon Mayer to the February episode - so pick his brain about all things technical tailwaters and fishing through the winter.

For the month of January, the Five Flies are available at our Frisco location and online. Swing by the Frisco shop and say hi to Zeke!

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