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WATCH: Five Flies for November 2021 | Talking the Season of Transition

Ivan Orsic / Nov 19, 2021


First and foremost, our apologies for the late release date of this month's episode. We've been busy building out the new studio and filmed this episode later than expected. We'll be back to the normal schedule - early in the month - next month!

As we progress through the month of November and into December, midges will become more and more of the primary fare for trout. That doesn't mean there aren't other options. Streamers, blue-wings, eggs, and attractors will also serve as great sources of protein for trout throughout the Rocky Mountains. We've had a warmer November and fishing reflects that. There are still plenty of active fish to be found. As a general rule, fishing will pick up as you progress through the day and the water continues to warm up. As we transition into December, start to concentrate on slower, deeper runs that fish will tend to pile up in. Once you find one, you'll generally find a whole mess of them. As an olive branch, we decided to showcase two bonus flies this month.

For this month's episode, we welcomed Russell Miller of Umpqua Feather Merchants back to Five Flies. He sat down with myself and Brandon to talk about the month of November on the water - seven bugs that'll serve you well through what's left of November and into December. We also answered a couple of commenter questions about rigging, bug choice and fishing techniques. If you have a question about December fishing - leave a comment down below on the YouTube video. If we pick yours, you'll WIN a Trouts Prize Pack!

As we mentioned before, we're changing things up around the YouTube channel. This is a bit of a different format for Five Flies, but it's not its final form. Stay tuned to the YouTube channel over the next couple of months as we shift some things around to get more on-the-water and in-store content out for all of you.

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