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WATCH: Five Flies for November 2022 with Eeland Stribling

Ivan Orsic / Nov 9, 2022

November is a month of transition. Fall is on its way out and winter will be readily stepping in for a spell. That means we get a nice mix of the two when it comes to fly fishing. November means everyone's favorite blue-winged olives and streamers will be waning and eventually making way for the winter midge and attractor game. Banker hours are in full effect as the days get shorter. That means productive fishing will tend to be packed into the hours between late morning and afternoon, as the water warms up and fish become their most active.

More than any other season, winter is the perfect time to slow down and be deliberate. Concentrate on presentation and rigging, as fish will be less forgiving when it comes to a wayward drift. If you find a fish, chances are there will be plenty of fish to be caught in the same water type over the course of the day. Get out and enjoy this late fall and early winter fishing!

In this month's episode, host Ivan Orsic and co-host Tanner Smith welcomed Ya Aunty’s Favorite Comedian Wildlife Educator & Biologist - Eeland Stribling (aka @BlackSteveIrwin) into the studio to talk about flies, presentations, rigging, and the like for the month of November and beyond. In addition to talking about fishing for November, we touched on Eeland's work in the community and his first season of his new YouTube show "Comedians on the Fly."

As always, we answer a couple of commenter questions about rigging, bug choice, and fishing techniques. If you have a question about October fishing - leave a comment down below on the YouTube video. NEXT MONTH, our special guest will be the one and only Landon Mayer, so bring your best questions for the man, the myth, the legend. If we pick yours, you'll WIN a Trouts Prize Pack - including prizes from Rising Fish and Umpqua!

For the month of November, the Five Flies are available at our Denver location and online.


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