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WATCH: Five Flies for October 2021 | Talking Blue-Winged Olives for Fall

Ivan Orsic / Oct 6, 2021


As we progress through the month of October, Blue-Winged Olives will be the primary fare for trout here in the Rocky Mountains. Yes, October is great month to throw streamers, fish hopper-droppers, and even midges. however, no matter what river you're fishing around Colorado through the month of October, chances are BWOs will be hatching at some point during the day and fish will be rising to them, especially when the light is low. Whether you're targeting fish with nymphs, emergers, or dries, a Blue-Winged Olive is sure to produce for you through the month of October.

For this month's episode, we welcomed the new captain of the blog, Brandon Rodriguez, for a little chat in our partially completed studio space to talk about our choices in blue-winged olive flies. Bob and Ivan talk about the blue-winged olive lifecycle and finding the right bugs and presentations to match up with those choices. As we mentioned before, we're changing things up around the YouTube channel. This is a bit of a different format for Five Flies, but it's not its final form. Stay tuned to the YouTube channel over the next couple of months as we shift some things around to get more on-the-water and in-store content out for all of you.

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