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WATCH: Five Flies for September 2021 | Talking Hopper-Droppers with Bob Reece

Ivan Orsic / Sep 10, 2021


September is a month of transition from late summer to early fall and hopper-droppers can get lost in the shuffle as the nights get longer and the mornings are a bit cooler. Sporadic caddis & tricos, as well as blue-winged olives & midges will be around, but there is plenty of quality hopper-dropper fishing to be had before the hard freezes of fall slow things down in the terrestrial world.

For this month's episode, we welcomed our good friend Bob Reece for a little live stream chat about our choices in flies for September hopper-dropper fishing. Bob and Ivan talk about fly choices, what went into the design of his flies, presentations, rigging, and much more. We mentioned this on the last forecast, but we're changing things up around the YouTube channel. This is a bit of a different format for Five Flies, but it's not it's final form. Like the fishing, September is a bit of a transitional month for our YouTube channel. Stay tuned to the YouTube channel over the next couple of months as we shift some things around to get more on-the-water and in-store content out for all of you.

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