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WATCH // READING WATER on the Colorado River with Zeke Hersh & Tanner Smith

Ivan Orsic / Sep 24, 2021

Reading water and understanding how to present and fish your fly in a specific section of water trumps fly selection in many ways. We're excited to launch a new SERIES on our YouTube Channel titled: "READING WATER." In each episode of READING WATER, we will tag along with a skilled and experienced angler who will give us insight into how they approach a specific section of water from all angles - GEAR, RIGGING, FLY CHOICE, SEASONALITY, FLOWS, and the like.

For this episode of READING WATER, we joined Trouts own Zeke Hersh and Tanner Smith as they float fish one of their favorite stretches on the Colorado River. Zeke explains how he likes to position his boat to put the angler in the best position to catch fish. Similarly, Tanner talks to what he's looking for and how he's swimming his streamer through current breaks and the like, in order to entice an eat. The concepts they explain are great approaches for a variety of water along the Colorado, and any big floatable freestone filled with eager trout. Enjoy in HD.

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