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Ivan Orsic / Nov 22, 2013

Photo Courtesy of Jim Klug

We know that a LOT of our customers and fly fishing clients joined us at the WAYPOINTS show on November 8th. We had a great time at the show and we raised a lot of money and awareness for the Defend the Upper Colorado River Coalition. Here is the first review of the film. Our pal Kirk Deeter from Field & Stream's Fly Talk is well known for calling 'em like he sees ‘em – and this review he pulls no punches. Here’s a snippet from a guy who can legitimately say “Been there… done that”:

“Of course, I think the large appeal of this film is that it is aspirational, in that it transports viewers to virgin fisheries throughout the world that few of us will actually see in person. In this case, the locations are southern Chile, the Venezuelan jungle, St. Brandon's Atoll in The Seychelles, the Tongass in Southeast Alaska, and northern India. I have been fortunate enough to personally connect (no pun intended) with three of the vignettes. I have fished with Oliver White in South America (not in Venezuela, but in nearby Guyana for arapaimas), and I have been on the helicopters with Andres Ergas in Chile. I have spent time fishing in the Tongass. That is only relevant in the context that, having been to some of these places, I can say that what's captured for the screen is spot-on, raw, and very honest.” – Kirk Deeter

To read the entire review, CLICK HERE. If you were at the film, what did you think?

If you have inspirations to explore the world with your fly rod and chase big bonefish, we still have one (1) open spot for the Trouts Hosted Trip to the Andros South Lodge in the Bahamas in March 2014. It would be great to have you along for the adventure. Call the shop for more details: 303.733.1434

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