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Where to Fish this Weekend - 4/28/23 EDITION

Tanner Smith / Apr 28, 2023

As the mountains continue to get snow it has put us in a continual cycle of seeing lower-elevation snow pour into some of our major water drainages which are usually great options this time of year. Some of these drainages include the Colorado River, Eagle River, and Roaring Fork. It isn't to say that these rivers are unfishable just keep an eye on flows. With that said, there are plenty of great options to hit in the meantime.

The Arkansas River

Pick a stretch! Just about the entirety of the Ark has been and should continue to fish great. You will still see plenty of action on Stonefly, BWO, and Caddis nymphs. There is also a great chance to see some early Caddis popping on the lower stretches during the warmer parts of the day. Don't count out seeing some amazing BWO hatches periodically throughout the day as well. Does Spring fishing get any better than that?

South Park Stillwaters

Many of you probably have stillwaters on your list for the weekend as you should. With ice off both Spinney and Antero are great options. Don't expect huge numbers in fish caught but certainly expect quality. Look for fish to be cruising along shelf lines. Approaching these fish with nymph rigs including leeches, midges, and other stillwater classics. Streamers are also a great option if you have the patience and desire for a sore shoulder after a day's worth of work. Color shouldn't matter a ton, but varying sizes will make the biggest difference.

South Platte Tailwaters

Big surprise here. We can always hang our hat on the home waters. Whether it's Deckers, 11-Mile, or the Dream all are pretty solid options right now. Flows right now are the best at Deckers as usual expect crowds and good fishing. Standard tailwater rigs will be successful at all three. Include bugs like scuds, caddis, BWOs, and midges.

The Frying Pan

Hear me out on this. What rivers do you have to drive past in order to get to the Pan? The Eagle, Colorado, and Roaring Fork are all along the way. This makes the Pan a perfect play because it will always be a solid option. However, if you see good enough river clarity at any of the freestones along the way I would recommend a stop. Similar to the Ark, expect to see all your standard freestone spring bugs. If the water is a little off color don't be afraid to mix in worms, leeches and crane fly larvas.

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