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Who’s Going Fishing this Weekend?

Ivan Orsic / Mar 23, 2017

It is beginning to look a little more like spring throughout Colorado today and the cool down is forecasted throughout the weekend. By no means should you let that keep you inside this weekend, just be sure to have a few layers and a raincoat with you if you’re getting out. While you won’t hear me complain about wearing shorts in March, the amazing weather from the last two weeks is actually beginning to affect fishing in a way that isn’t super beneficial for us anglers. Snow has began to melt at a fairly alarming rate for this early in the year. The consequences of that are, above average flows and questionable visibility. WIth that said I have done some research for you guys and came up with a few spots that should fish really well through the weekend.

Deckers- I know right? Telling you to go to Deckers isn’t really a huge surprise. However, there are certain reasons why this weekend has appeal, especially while a bunch of other rivers are running pretty dirty. The first reason is the bump in flows up to 160 CFS. This creates some much needed natural cover for you, while also stirring up a ton of bugs. This is a “Win, Win” for all of us and will allow you to bring out the 4x and 5x this weekend. Look for fish to move into the riffle runs and to be sitting off shelves feeding heavily. The second reason, is a side effect of the bump in flows. Fish will be eager to eat fairly bigger meals including, Pat’s Rubber Legs, Leeches, Worms etc. Anytime that is the case at Deckers, it’s tough to not give it strong consideration no matter how big the crowds there are. If Deckers is the final decision this weekend, be sure to be prepared for the weather. Highs for Friday are around 45, Saturday in the mid 50s and Sunday right back into the mid 40s.

Arkansas River- While a lot of our freestones have been hurt by the recent snow melt, it has had less impact on the Ark because many of the tributaries are dam controlled. This has given the Arkansas a pretty steady flow of about 500 CFS near Salida and getting up to about 650 CFS in Canon City. The Ark has been fishing really well this spring and there is no reason it shouldn’t continue through the weekend. While cloudy cooler weather may not seem like ideal conditions, this weekend's weather forecast in Salida is everything I look for on the Ark this time of the year. With the BWOs beginning to move up the canyon there, isn’t really anything at this point that is going to slow them down. BWOs and clouds go together like peanut butter and jelly. And Guess what? The weather is calling for clouds with high 50s and low 60s all weekend. An 11 AM or Noon arrival time and fishing through dusk might lead to you enjoying one of the best hatches Colorado has to offer. If you see a Black Tacoma parked along the highway, feel free to grab a beer out of the cooler, then kindly move along to the next pull off! Haha

Blue River Below Green Mountain- The weather in the area is looking to be in the low to mid 50s all weekend. There isn’t much that really needs to be said as to why this place should be on your radar this weekend. Besides a potential sketchy hike into the canyon, everything else makes this a no brainer. The decent weather will have bugs pretty active and there is a great chance for some solid BWO action here as well. I would bet, a stonefly trailed by a olive RS2 or Barr’s Emerger will entice more than a handful of fish here this weekend.

The Roaring Fork- This is the wildcard for the weekend. The Fork is certainly running a little cloudy, but hopefully a cool down in the high country will improve visibility throughout the weekend. Either way the Roaring Fork has been producing great results, whether floating or wading. Personally, I think a little off color here makes it even more appealing than usual. The Fork is a great streamer river and the big stuff has certainly been moving fish over the last few weeks. Basalt has highs in the 50s all weekend with a mix of snow and rain in the forecast. Maybe it’s just me, but throwing streamers in the snow doesn’t sound like the worst time!

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